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    In this picture released on June 26, 2015, by a website of Islamic State militants, Islamic State militants fire an anti-tank missile in Hassakeh, northeast Syria

    Gifts From Uncle Sam: Al-Qaeda Wages War in Syria With US Weaponry

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    Middle East
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    The Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda's affiliate in Syria, has released a grateful video, where they openly thank the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which the US has touted as a “moderate opposition group”, for supplying them with US-made anti-tank TOW missiles (“Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided").

    A recently released video shows an Al-Nusra Front field commander thanking the FSA commanders for giving his forces TOW missiles, according to a report released by the Iranian news agency FARS.

    The agency reminds readers that the two groups, the Al-Nusra and the FSA, formed an alliance in March, the Army of Conquest, or Jaish al-Fatah in Arabic, to fight against the forces of President Assad.

    Since then, they have fought together “at almost every single battle in Aleppo, Lattakia, Hama, and Idlib Governorates of Syria.”

    Through this alliance several militant groups like the Al-Nusra Front and the Ahrar al-Sham movement have been given access to FSA's US-made heavy weaponry, which has been supplied to the militant group by the US, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    According to the agency’s estimates, Saudi Arabia sent 500 TOW missiles to Al-Nusra directly last month.

    The US, however, claims that it is just supplying aid and weapons to FSA or the so-called moderate militant groups in Syria.

    The BGM-71 TOW is one of the most widely-used guided anti-tank missiles. The weapon is used in anti-armor, anti-bunker, anti-fortification and anti-amphibious landing roles.

    TOW missiles are used by the armed forces of more than 40 countries and are integrated in over 15,000 ground, vehicle and helicopter platforms worldwide.


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      The proliferation should be brought up at the UN by Russia, China, Iran, South Africa, and Iraq and shown worldwide.
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      The terrorist American government is one evil empire that needs to fall
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      I guess the Moderate Opposition Group only kills moderately and with great discretion. No one is buying into this nonsense.
    • Vladislav Sotirovic
      The same US did and with Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in 1998-99 that was a regional version of Al-Quaeda and ISIS. Today the KLA transformed Kosovo into the second European ISIS (the first is Bosnia)

      More info at: www.kosovo-metochia.org
    • Eva Brown
      Well ISIS is trained by Turky that supplies them weapons and medical care ... receiving money from Saudi Araby Qatar Koweit Emirates etc all buy weapons to USA france getmany sweeden ....Iran finance Hezbolah and Hamas ..
      .gives them weapons military training and buy weapons to
      Russia and china ... Well ... Hamas helps ISIS in Egypcian Sinai giving them shelter medical care weapons training and men.... Palestinian Authority plays with fire in the betweens they sipport hamas .. ISIS Alqaeda All nustra against Assad ...at same time keep promoting hate against jews as normal in between christians are disappearing from Gaza ... Samaria ... Judea like in all meedle east some runaway to.western countried others lose their heads and women enslaved raped ... well thats arab muslim world ..
    • Shuein reply toEva Brown(Show commentHide comment)
      Sequeira Mendes, hey imbecile, if I called you shit for brains, that would be a compliment.
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      This article is misleading- get your act together Sputnik- THERE ARE NO MODERATE REBELS. Just CIA and MOSSAD pawns armed DIRECTLY by the US.
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