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    Suzy Cortes, whose seductive curves are driving men crazy all around the world, reveals to Sputnik what she thinks about her private life, Messi and his wife, as well as her attitude toward Vladimir Putin.

    About Russia

    Brazilian model Suzy Cortez who has the most "beautiful bottom" in Brazil and is known worldwide as Miss BumBum 2015, has millions of fans worldwide, including in Russia.

    "I have a lot of fans from Russia who tell me that they have never seen a woman like me," Cortez said in an exclusive interview with Sputnik Mundo.

    "As a rule, Russians are more polite than the Latinos who can be sometimes very intrusive," the Brazilian model stated, commenting on her social media experience.

    Suzy Cortez
    © Photo : Suzy Cortez
    Suzy Cortez

    The 27-year-old model was chosen, among Brazilian women, who will represent her country during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, which is why she asked Playboy to make Russia the theme of her photoshoot in the December issue.

    "I want to come to Russia with the cover of a published magazine," Suzy said in connection with her planned trip to the sporting event.

    About Social Media

    Cortez's seductive forms are being admired in Brazil and other countries worldwide, but her publications and comments on Twitter often become subject to heated debate.

    Once the Brazilian said that photoshoots are like sex.

    "You have to be fully involved," the winner of the bikini beauty pageant wrote, prompting controversial reactions among her subscribers.

    About Her Love to Lionel Messi and Football

    The model also openly expresses her feelings toward men she finds attractive. One of them is legendary Argentine football player Lionel Messi, to whom she confessed her love.

    Sadly enough, after her confession, Cortez was blocked and could no longer access Messi's social media profiles.

    "Messi's wife blocked me on her and his accounts," the young woman complained.

    According to Cortez, she doesn't pay attention when people make abusive statements about her on social networks.

    "There are always people who insult me, especially when I dedicate my publications to Messi, Pique or Suarez. They write: ‘He is married and doesn't want anything with you, but I want to.' In fact, it's different, I'm just a fan, and they think that I want to be with them. If I were a man, no one would say anything, and since I'm Miss BumBum, they block me," the model said regretfully.

    Suzy Cortez, miss BumBum 2015
    Suzy Cortez, miss BumBum 2015

    The young woman also explained that her "love for Barca" is stronger than her love for Messi.

    "I started admiring Messi, when I was watching football with my father. He really is the best player in the world," Cortez said.

    The young woman believes that she is mostly known as Miss BumBum not only because she won the beauty contest in 2015, but also because of her passion for football.

    "I'm not just Miss BumBum with a beautiful bottom. Football is already very popular, imagine, if you add to it a pretty woman," she said.

    About Men and Relationship

    Cortez is single and says she is very much satisfied with her status.

    The model also explained that with her kind of job, it would be difficult for her to have any relationships "because all guys are very jealous."

    At the same time, the young woman confessed that she prefers men with an "athletic body."

    "I do not like guys who are small and puffy," Cortez said, adding her ideal in terms of the best male body is Spanish football player Gerard Pique who should get the title "Mr. BumBum" for having "the most beautiful bottom in the world" among men.

    The model lives in London, but because of her busy schedule, she doesn't have much time to go through the city. However, she often goes on work trips to different countries where she meets a lot of her male fans.

    "In every part of the world, everything is different," the Brazilian said, adding that she appreciates how her fans express their feelings to her.

    "In Dubai, a sheikh offered me camels as a gift! Camels!" the model exclaimed.

    About Plastic Surgery

    The Brazilian openly talks about her looks and says she feels beautiful.

    "What made me unhappy, I have already changed, and now I'm satisfied," she said.

    The model confessed that she underwent plastic surgery to make her breasts and lips bigger.

    But "everything else is natural," the young woman assured.

    About Politics and Vladimir Putin

    Cortez's grandmother is Catalan, which is why the model shows great interest in politics and actively advocates for the independence of Catalonia.
    The model also often comments on political topics on social media.

    "I think that Vladimir [Putin] is a great world leader who is working hard for his people. Everyone knows that things are different in my country," the Brazilian concluded.


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