19:29 GMT16 February 2020
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    David Cameron's memoirs 'For the Record' are scheduled for release next week where he will reflect on his time as Prime Minister of the UK from 2010 - 2016. First through forming a coalition government with the Lib Dems, then in 2015 winning a majority on the promise of a referendum on UK membership of the EU.

    Netizens discovered that a book on Adolf Hitler has mysteriously disappeared from David Cameron's bookshelf. The vanishing was pointed out by Twitter users who were watching a photoshoot of Cameron with his family.

    One photo featured the former prime minister's wife Samantha Cameron and her sister Emily Sheffield in front of a full bookshelf. Visible among the books was Ian Kershaw's biography of the German dictator.

    But another photo featuring Cameron seated in front of the same display had one significant difference - the Hitler book is now missing.

    The missing photo received a wide response on Twitter, including from the photographer, Mark Harrison, who said that he could neither "confirm nor deny" that the Hitler book had moved.

    Other users said that there was "nothing wrong" with studying historical atrocities, as it helps to prevent them happening again. While others quipped that the former PM "clearly didn't read enough".

    ​Critics also pointed out the presence of 'Why Nations Fail', potentially referencing Cameron's decision to call a referendum on the UK's membership of the EU.

    ​The discovery comes as David Cameron returns to the limelight with his memoirs 'David Cameron: For the Record' scheduled for release on 19 September.

    As Prime Minister, David Cameron called the EU referendum in 2016 in response to the rise of Eurosceptic sentiment in the UK. The outcome of the vote and his failure to keep the UK in the EU saw Cameron resign to be replaced by Theresa May.


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