03:00 GMT15 April 2021
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    Miss Soubry has waged an unremitting war on Brexit since its inception in 2016, and has repeatedly called for the holding of a second referendum, or ‘people’s vote,’ causing many to see her as disconnected from the wishes of ordinary Brits, including her own constituency of Broxtowe, which voted to leave by 54.6%.

    Staunch EU Remainer Anna Soubry has come under fire for appearing on Sky News and declaring that Brexit "can't be done."

    Miss Soubry, who recently left the governing Conservative party in protest over their handling of Brexit and joined the pro-EU 'Independent Group' of MPs, said in her interview with Sky that you "can't actually do Brexit."

    "Whichever way you cut it, you are in a position whereby the Government's own assessments and this is a Brexit Government show that the people of the country will have their future prosperity reduced. But that bears on MPs' minds," Miss Soubry said.

    "I mean, can you think of anything else where you knowingly vote for something knowing it will make your constituents poorer?" she added.

    Needless to say, those who have thrown their weight behind Brexit were not too happy about Soubry's remarks, and took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

    ​The host of Sky News' 'All Out Politics' show challenged Soubry on her rather stubborn position, saying that, "the problem with that argument, and I was there in Brussels in December, is that the European Union, the 27, and the UK have agreed on a withdrawal agreement which they said delivers Brexit."

    Yet, Miss Soubry fired back, arguing that "it delivers a form of Brexit. What it actually does, as you know, only deals with the divorce settlement." She then went on to say that if the British people are "fed up" with the seemingly never-ending Brexit process, then "they need to know what the whole matter is far from over even if we accept Mrs May's so-called deal because there is no deal about our future relationship. That is yet to be determined." 

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    The news comes as Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to get the derailed Brexit process on track. Miss may is said to be considering pulling her second vote — after canceling the first — on her Brexit deal as she faces the grim prospect of another overwhelming parliamentary defeat.

    Miss May has, over the past few weeks, continued to tell parliament that it would be given a chance to hold a "meaningful vote" on her Brexit blueprint, but it now looks possible that she'll be postponing that pledge due to slow progress in talks with the EU. The UK and EU held negotiations in Brussels over the weekend, with May trying and failing to win concessions on a number of issues, namely the fate of the Irish backstop.    

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