03:24 GMT +321 November 2019
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    Crematorium Fear-Stricken as Coconut Explodes in Coffin

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    Mourners have been urged not to “slip” any items in the coffin with the deceased, as it may lead to a “hell of an explosion.”

    A coconut left inside a coffin in Manchester blew up and scared crematorium staff as well as grieving family members. Bolton Council called on mourners to abide by crematorium rules and not sneak in any items that could be dangerous.

    “We have seen a rise in things like e-cigarettes, and mobile phones. Mobile phones in particular are a real issue for us,” said Donna Bell, Assistant Director of Community Services.

    Despite the fact that mourners are asked not to place certain things with the deceased, the funeral director still has to check the coffins, because family members are not thinking about security issues at that moment.

    “Usually the funeral director will pick them up but sometimes things are slid inside peoples' pockets and they are just not picked up during the process, then when they go through the cremation process a hell of an explosion can sometimes occur,” she added.

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