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    At least 600 kilograms of frozen pork from NATO stocks are due to be sent to Serbia in the near future, according the Serbian newspaper Evening News

    Swine Permafrost: NATO's 34 Year Old Frozen Pork Ready for Serbia

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    At least 600 kilograms of frozen pork from NATO stocks are due to be sent to Serbia in the near future, according the Serbian newspaper Evening News. There's nothing new, of course, but for the fact that the pork dates back to 1982.

    The Serbian newspaper Evening News reported about 600 kilograms of frozen pork is due to be delivered to Serbia from NATO stocks; there is nothing to write home about except for the fact that the pork was frozen back in 1982.

    Serbia's Customs Administration is already on heightened alert, trying to do its best to prevent the pork from reaching the country's markets.

    "All the customs services have been ordered to be on standby and especially focus on the checkpoints located near Serbia's border with Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina as well as the administrative border with Kosovo," the Customs Administration was quoted by the Evening News as saying.

    The trouble is that the meat can be illegally transported to Serbia, especially thorough Kosovo, according to the newspaper.

    The invasion of frozen thirty-four years old pigs was first reported by the web portal Agroservis, but the sources did not elaborate on who might be the customer for this frozen pork which is due to be delivered to Serbia via Montenegro's port of Bar, the Evening News said.

    Meanwhile, social network users have said that frozen meat from US has been supplied to Bar over the past twenty years and that the product is then purchased by Serbian processing companies.

    The price tag ranges between 50 euro cents and 1 euro per kilogram. However, digging too deeply "is dangerous for many reasons," according to comments on the Evening News' article.

    In February 2016, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic signed a confirmation of the country's cooperation plan with NATO, triggering a series of anti-NATO protests. Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said, however, that his country does not intend to join NATO as the country "zealously" adheres to neutrality.


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      This is sick. They need to send those pigs to Merkel.
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      THAT'S what you get from west. 30 year old surplus. And LOANS. Ukraine today have MASSIVE LOANS that will force a bail out.
      Pensioners will get less as checks get reduced and way more.

      Serbia holds a dual head eagle,. Go with the one's having it. Russia, EEU, CIS , CSTO, KSOR.

      Russian KSOR will have to be BIG. The size of most in the world, combined.

      Serbia could be defended against ALL , with Russia. But MUST decide, before it ends like Ukraine.
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      The french and allies proposed sending pork bellies to the muslims in Myanmar during the period of their disaster, a few years ago. I suggest selling this to France and the same allies.
    • filip_mariusdan
      Current consumption of electricity exceeds value of meat ... Experiments scientific with Nazi thinking ... Crazy people !!! People of EU waking ! As it is not too late ! New laws to protect you , life !
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      Darrell R
      This is crazy. They allow this pork to sit in a freezer for that long. Now they want to send it out to people that don't even want it. Whoever allowed this to happen should be made to eat it. Who had to pay for over 30 years of electricity for that pork? What a waste.
    • Gentle Eagle
      I suppose it's a big experimental program decades in planning. Some GM bio-warfare operation to test out cryogenic pig meat to guinea pigs; to change hearts and minds towards the NATO bloc once and for all. Just an analysis. They have to try all available clandestine methods to get the Serbs to sign up!
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