18:56 GMT20 September 2020
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    The Minsk Agreement is being implemented very slowly. Although at the beginning it came to minor fire breaks and the withdrawal of heavy weapons, outbreaks of violence are steadily occurring again, Contra Magazin wrote.

    It seems that there will be no chance for peace and violence would ultimately gain the upper hand, journalist Andre Eric Keller wrote.

    The trust between the two warring parties cannot be reestablished as they have been involved in mutual fighting and killing for a very long time.

    According to Keller, the OSCE Mission in Ukraine is increasingly at risk. After several vehicles of the observers were burnt, the situation is growing more and more dangerous. Should the OSCE staff leave the region, no hope would remain for a peaceful resolution of the conflict and an open war will break out again.

    A rapprochement between the two warring parties cannot be achieved without intermediaries. The EU calls to observe the implementation of the Minsk Agreement, not able to do anything else. Moreover, since Western countries accuse Russia of supporting militias in eastern Ukraine, the extension of inefficient anti-Russian sanctions is everything one could expect from the EU, the journalist wrote.

    Direct confrontation between the US and Russia is no longer a secret. Large-scale military exercises organized by both parties have been taking place for many months. 

    According to Keller, such confrontation between the two superpowers poses a serious threat to Europe and the rest of the world. A “big” war would have devastating effects on the international community, the journalist argued.


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