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    My name is Jon Gaunt and I have a guilty pleasure. I love the Crown and I am delighted to see its back on Netflix. However, no matter how much money or scandal they throw at it they will never be able to beat the drama of Prince Andrew’s interview by Emily Maitlis this week.

    It was the most excruciating bit of TV I have ever seen and was clearly the end of Andrew’s Royal Career and his cushy little number.

    Credit where credit is due, the Newsnight interrogation was brilliantly led by Emily Maitlis, she asked the right questions without hectoring, interrupting and talking over him. I just hope that she now extends that same courtesy when she interviews anyone who supports Brexit or is right of centre and not just the best mates of filthy paedos. I await this with bated breath!

    Andrew has survived his Randy Andy image and his nickname of Airmiles Andy as he used taxpayers’ cash to jet around the globe to ‘meet businessmen’ and play golf. He even survived the messy divorce form Sarah, suck my toes, Ferguson.

    The Prince and the Paedophile

    However, this latest Prince and the paedophile story will prove harder to escape from unless he allows the FBI to interview him immediately.

    Just as an aside if I am ever up sh*T creek without a paddle please do not call Fergie as a character reference for me. You literally could not make up this nonsense, could you?

    His excuses were laughable and insulting not just to the viewers but especially to Epstein’s victims whom he seemed to not have even considered.

    There was no remorse or even a hint of embarrassment over what his mate was up to with underage girls. He didn’t even have the good grace to apologise for not noticing or questioning why so many young girls were in Epstein’s numerous houses that he stayed in for free!

    I’m not going to bother running through all of his excuses and lapses of memory although obviously the highlights were the recollection of the Pizza in Woking and the fact he cannot sweat due to an illness?

    The revelations overnight of further victims saying that there was no way someone like Andrew couldn’t have known what Epstein was up to are surely the fatal blows which mean Andrew must fly to the States and assist the FBI with their investigation.

    The Kangaroo Court

    However, I do not like, in any way, the Kangaroo court of the new media and the MSM who have effectively proclaimed he is guilty already even without a trial.

    He should have the right like anyone to defend himself but the only place to do that is in the USA and eventually in a court of law.

    If he is wholly innocent and for example that photo of him with his arm around the girl’s waist is indeed false or a fake he has nothing to worry about, does he?

    Many people have already made their mind up on his guilt which is wrong because we do not know the full facts. The only way to halt the court of public opinion from getting out the metaphorical ducking stool is for Andrew to get on that jet and submit himself voluntarily to the US authorities.

    This July 27, 2006, file photo, provided by the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office shows Jeffrey Epstein.
    This July 27, 2006, file photo, provided by the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office shows Jeffrey Epstein.

    As a father of two young women I was sick to the pit of my stomach at the way that Andrew didn’t seem to even contemplate the feelings of Epstein’s victims in the interview.  It was all about him, poor little Andrew. The boy who was born with a whole canteen of silver cutlery in his mouth rather than just a silver spoon was completely self-absorbed.

    Almost as disgusting and insensitive though is the way certain members of the media want to joke and revel in the sexual side of this story and also seem to want to trivialise child sexual exploitation and abuse.

    Sex Trafficking

    Make no mistake, this story is not really about the sex it is about the trafficking and exploitation of young girls by Epstein and his mates and it appears, in particular, Ghislaine Maxwell.

    These girls were well underage when they were groomed and by US legal standards still underage when Epstein raped them. This is what the focus should be on.

    The focus should also be on Epstein’s other rich mates who should also have suspected what this filthy paedo was up to. They could start by talking to Bill Clinton who was very close to Epstein and who the latest alleged victim states had a favourite seat on Epstein’s private jet.

    Also, where the hell is Ghislaine Maxwell?

    There have been serious allegations from the alleged victims about her role as a procurer of young girls to satisfy Epstein’s sick desires, including being involved in orgies with him and underage age girls. Why hasn’t she been interviewed? Does she know too much?

    There are also still too many questions surrounding his death or suicide that need answers before the conspiracy stories flourish and become more elaborate.

    From what we already know It would appear that Epstein and those around him believed once again that the laws did not apply to them as they were above the law that the “little people” like us have to obey and live by.

    Do you really believe that if you were accused of such heinous crimes against children that you would be allowed the choice of whether or not you should be questioned?

    Randy Andy’s pathetic self-absorbed interview and excuses have done nothing to dispel the image that there is one law for the establishment elite and another for the rest of us and this is why this tawdry tale is extremely dangerous to the royal family as a whole.

    Even the most hardened and committed republican would have to have a heart of stone not to feel some sympathy for the Queen and the problems her family are heaping on her.

    She has had to put up with this unseemly row between Harry and William and then the snub by the woke couple of Megan and Harry of not spending Christmas with her.

    Lance the Boil

    However, any feelings of sympathy we may have for the Queen are completely outweighed by the need for justice to be done and for the alleged victims to be listened to.

    I think the Queen needs to intervene directly and make an address to the nation saying that Andrew will go to the States and face the music.

    This would send a very clear message to the general public. She would also draw a line under the scandal by effectively stating that people should now stop speculating about his guilt or innocence and let the law, that applies to us all, to take its course. This would lance the boil almost immediately.

    However, if the Queen allows this to drag on, it will do irrevocable damage to the future of the entire royal family and perhaps even lead to the scrapping of the monarchy.

    Republicans are already getting airtime to try and use this situation to condemn the whole concept of a constitutional monarchy in the UK.

    Andrew’s interview was a disgrace, his excuses pathetic and his attitude of self-pity was nauseating.

    The Queen should drag him by the ear to make him apologise and answer any questions that the US authorities want to throw at him. He might be a Prince but he cannot be above the law.

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