18:16 GMT17 January 2021
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    I watched Boris Johnson live launch his Tory Party election campaign in Birmingham from just before 8pm on Wednesday night. If there is such a thing as a decent Tory surely even they must have been holding their heads in dismay and shame that such a bungling, blundering and insincere person like Johnson is now leading their party.

    He spoke in incoherent riddles and displayed the confidence and assuredness of a newbie comedian in his first public gig trying out material which deserves to be shredded forthwith. Even his bussed in band of supporters behind him in the vast empty Birmingham NEC building on the outskirts of Birmingham, chosen deliberately to avoid any contact with real people, were struggling to comprehend the waffle frothing from his lips.

    This is a guy who wants to lead a nuclear-armed United Kingdom. He wants to secure the power to command the armed forces and order military interventions overseas. He wants to be in charge of the 5th largest economy in the world and be responsible for the National Health Service across England and all the schools and nurseries that are vital to educate and develop children into thinking and compassionate students. Yet in reference to his hastily cobbled together Brexit deal, which has been roundly condemned as even worse than Theresa May’s deal, he said it was “oven ready” and all that was required was to:

    “Whack it in the microwave gas mark 4”…

    FFS… a potential leader of one of the most powerful nations on the planet thinks microwave ovens have a gas setting!!! If I was to make this up people would scoff and accuse me of political bias but with Johnson there is no need to make things up he opens his mouth and his own words expose him as the inept, incompetent idiot he is.

    If politics was not so serious this would all be hilarious but it’s not. It’s about the future of the health service; the future of your child’s education. It’s about real jobs with proper pay; affordable housing for all; economic growth based on solid and just foundations of fair taxation of individuals and corporations. In other words it is about adult and mature issues which are quite frankly beyond the grasp of the spoiled immature brat that Johnson is and always has been.

    Johnson selected a fellow privileged toff to be his leader in the House of Commons. His name is Jacob Rees-Mogg. An individual bereft of empathy for fellow human beings because he arrogantly believes himself to be a superior species, a cut above the rest of us. He has attracted appropriate opprobrium for his disgusting comments recently about the Grenfell tragedy in 2016. Seventy-two human beings, 18 children among them, died in a tower block fire that should have been contained routinely but for the cheap and inappropriate cladding which was attached to the block like a blanket and acted like a fire accelerant equivalent to fuel.

    Insulting Comments

    It was a Tory council implementing Tory cuts that took the decision to clad that tower block with highly flammable materials. It was therefore a preventable tragedy that is entirely the responsibility of the Tories.

    Yet that Victorian twit Mogg sat in a comfortable London radio studio the other day and effectively called the Grenfell residents daft for following Fire Brigade advice and staying within their flats during the fire. It was the right advice in every other tower block fire and given in the professional manner expected from men and women who daily risk their lives to save others.

    Little did they know the building was not safe, didn’t meet building regulations and was wrapped in highly flammable cladding materials? Mogg said it would have been “common sense” to flee from the burning building implying the residents of Grenfell lacked such ‘common sense’.

    Pro-Brexit, Conservative lawmaker Jacob Rees-Mogg adjusts his glasses as he speaks to the media outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018.
    © AP Photo / Matt Dunham
    Pro-Brexit, Conservative lawmaker Jacob Rees-Mogg adjusts his glasses as he speaks to the media outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018.

    The survivors of Grenfell, the relatives of the deceased, the Fire Brigades Union and anyone with a morsel of decency immediately condemned the crass, insensitive and outrageous comments. This guy is second only to Johnson in the UK Parliament pecking order. He should resign or be sacked. The BBC lamely called it a “gaffe”. It was no such thing. It was the considered view of a rich and privileged moron who let slip his true thoughts only to frantically backpedal within 24 hours.

    A fellow Tory moron attempted to come to Mogg’s rescue and managed the impossible feat of making matters worse. Andrew Birgen MP suggested Mogg made the comments and would have ignored the official advice because he was “cleverer” than the Grenfell residents.

    Consistent with Mogg’s claim that lack of “common sense” was the problem another Tory twat suggests they are effectively stupid. Seventy two people died horrible deaths. Eighteen of those who perished were children. Yet these are the comments of elected Tory politicians with leading roles in that party!!! It is a stinking sewer of inherited privilege, arrogant self-belief in their own importance and complete disregard for the reality of life for the majority of ordinary people. They are woefully out of touch with real lives and real people.

    Empty Chair

    Yesterday their Party Chairman, James Cleverly, was wriggling like a fish on a hook as he was outed for doctoring a Good Morning Britain interview with Labour’s Keir Starmer which made it look like he froze on camera and couldn’t answer a question. Instead of admitting the error and moving on, Cleverly lied repeatedly about what happened. It wasn’t ‘doctored’ it was ‘edited’. It wasn’t. It was doctored. ‘It was too long so we shortened it’. It wasn’t and they didn’t. ‘It was clearly a spoof video’. It wasn’t and even their own MPs, like Johnny Mercer, later apologised for circulating it as they thought it was for real.

    After being embarrassed on ITV and BBC the brave Cleverly then side-stepped the Sky News interview and was ‘empty-chaired’ by the presenter Kay Burley. These people in the mainstream media are natural allies of the Tory party as they all form part of the comfortable elite, the loyal British Establishment. They will defend and promote the status quo to their dying breathe because they benefit from it. But sometimes things become so bad and clearly wrong that even they have to expose the deceitful and dishonest Tories at play.

    The Mogg and Birgen comments were outrageous and insulting. They betray the disdain and smug superiority which infests the Tory party. Cleverly’s performance in defence of a doctored video was embarrassing. Johnson’s waffling outside No10 after meeting the Queen and in Birmingham last night was weak and vacuous.

    He said he didn’t want a general election but the record shows he tried unsuccessfully three times to push one through using the Fixed-term Parliament Act.

    The election was necessary because Parliament ‘rejected his Brexit deal’ he said. They didn’t reject his deal. In fact Parliament voted for it at 2nd Reading with a majority of thirty.

    Add into the mix the first Cabinet resignation from a sitting government at the start of an election campaign in electoral history, Alun Cairns for misleading comments about knowledge of the role of a Tory colleague in the wrecking of a rape trial, and you have a disastrous start to the Tory general election campaign. No wonder opinion polls are already showing the commanding Tory lead of last week beginning to fall.

    Biased Coverage

    Labour under Corbyn have developed not just a radical, far reaching and wealth redistributing manifesto capable of securing significant support, they have also built a genuine mass membership of just under 500,000 which can spread that message far and wide in thousands of communities and counter the Tory dominance of news agendas and billboard advertising sites. That makes this election dangerous for the vested interests of the British Establishment. A majority Johnson victory is far from guaranteed, especially with election campaigns that kick off with such errors as theirs have.

    In such circumstances prepare yourself for an unprecedented tsunami of biased coverage over the coming 5 weeks leading up to the December 12th election day. A major academic study in 2016 by the respected London School of Economics found that Corbyn was blatantly misrepresented in 75% of media stories about his policies and views yet he still managed to record the biggest increase in Labour support at an election since 1945. That makes him dangerous to the rich and powerful who control the press and media and run society.

    Already this morning I watched a completely hammed up anti-Corbyn presentation involving Sky’s Kay Burley and a former Labour MP who resigned from the party in February this year.

    Ian Austin is a Tony Blair luvvie who shouted down Jeremy Corbyn in Parliament in 2016 and attempted to bully female Labour MPs and elected SNP MPs for daring to suggest Tony Blair should face criminal investigation for how he deceived Parliament and the country in the run-up to the Iraq war of 2003. The Chilcot Enquiry exposed much of Blair’s indiscretions but didn’t go far enough for some politicians on all sides who viewed that war as wholly unnecessary and tragic. During a parliamentary debate the Commons Speaker had to intervene on Corbyn’s behalf as Ian Austin shouted repeatedly and told Corbyn to “shut up”, to “sit down” and called him “a disgrace”.

    An SNP MP, Gavin Newlands, issued an informative Tweet about the debate that day:

    ​Make up Your Own Minds

    Ian Austin MP was identified as “thuggish” by members of Parliament opposed to Jeremy Corbyn as far back as three years ago but this morning we were invited to show sympathy for this former Labour MP as he called on people to vote for Johnson instead of Corbyn.

    He deserved not an iota of sympathy but to be exposed as the disloyal and cowardly rat that he is. This guy promised to stand as an independent in his Dudley seat when he left Labour in February but realising he has a snowballs chance in hell of being re-elected he has chickened out and betrayed every single principle he ever held, not many, by calling on Labour voters to vote Tory. What a sad and pathetic man indeed but what a set up on Sky News this morning to showcase the stunt and try and set the anti-Corbyn agenda for the rest of the day.

    Buckle yourselves in folks. This is going to be a rough, dirty and bruising election campaign where truth and accuracy will be sacrificed daily in the cause of stopping Corbyn at all and any cost. You have been warned. Don’t believe the hype and manufactured stories and presentations. Read the respective manifestos, listen to what each leader actually says and then make up your own minds in the most important general election in a generation.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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