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    Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears on BBC TV's The Andrew Marr Show in Salford, Manchester, Britain, September 29, 2019

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    Thursday October 17th was an historic day for the UK. I’m not talking about Boris’s EU deal either. I am talking about the day when, finally, the decent silent majority fought back against the cultural Marxists who are wrecking this country.

    I loved the way that ordinary working-class commuters dragged a scruffy Global Extinction terrorist off the roof of a tube carriage at Canning Town and gave him a kick in.

    This was a clear sign that we have had enough of anti-democratic middle class acts of terrorism.

    I do not condone violence but why should ordinary hard working Londoners’ have to put up with this crap from middle class eco warriors any longer?

    The police have failed us, so the people have become the police. Our politicians have failed us, so we become the politicians. As for the Mayor, Sadiq Khan well he is just a failure, full stop!

    As the Clash sang many years ago, London is burning and so will be the rest of the country if our politicans do not start representing the majority whether it is over climate change demos, knife crime, immigration or Brexit.

    I see Global Extinction have accepted that having a demo on the tube was a ‘huge own goal’ and have cancelled a planned demo at Gatwick. Good.

    So, for once I agree with these scruffy Herberts that direct action does work!

    Why can’t Dick of the Yard and the Met see that pulling someone off the roof and giving them a bit of a slap seems to work more effectively than wearing rainbow shoelaces and dancing, raving or skateboarding on London bridges with these morons?

    People are getting angry and the events at Canning Town tube station should weigh heavily on MPs minds as they now consider Boris Johnson’s EU deal this weekend.

    I see ‘Wolfie Smith’ Comrade Corbyn has just revealed a new skill as a mind reader as he manged to slag off and say he would not support the Boris’ deal a full 28 minutes before it was actually printed!

    We should all ask Corbyn for the Lottery numbers for Saturday as the man is clearly a clairvoyant!

    Clearly, he is going to marshal his divided party to vote against the deal and push for a second referendum. A referendum? He is likely to get a revolution if he and the self-serving pigs of Westminster get their way.

    Media commentators are always eager to state that people are getting bored with Brexit and just want it over with. However, they are mistaking boredom for pent up frustration and anger from those of us who do not live in the Westminster bubble. People know that they have been betrayed and polls illustrate that respect for politicians is at an all-time low.

    Let me be clear, MPs will have more than 'hurty words' like traitor, betrayal and appeasers to worry about if they again ignore the wishes of the masses.

    Look, when it comes to Boris’s deal the devil is always in the detail and that will come out in the next few days but it looks okay to me. However, time is pressing and if the politicians are serious in saying that they want a deal then they are now drinking (probably subsidised by us the taxpaying mugs) in the last chance saloon.

    For myself personally, I want and have always wanted a full clean break Brexit.

    I have no fear of us heading to a 'cliff edge or leaving on a so-called no deal’ as that was always the alternative deal in my mind. However, if Boris has pulled off a workable compromise, the Muppets in the House of Commons should accept it and let’s get Brexit done so we can get on with a few other pressing problems, shall we? Like knife and gun crime, porous borders, a criminal justice system that favours the villain not the victim, overcrowded schools, lack of doctors and nurses etc; do I need to go on?

    Boris’ Queen’s speech this week was a tick box list of what most people want done in this country but of course, there was no chance of any of it happening as Boris has not got the numbers in parliament. So, the labour leaders were absolutely bang on the money to call it an election manifesto and let’s be straight - we do need an election pronto.

    This mess has to be sorted and although I normally agree with large parts of what Nigel Farage says I think that his call for a further Brexit delay and a general election is out of step with the mood of the people.

    Regardless, there will not be a delay anyway according to “Juncker the drunker” as he says the EU will refuse to agree to an extension if Boris is forced to deliver that dreadful letter.

    If he is telling the truth (and if he remembers when he wakes up!) Drunker has just killed off the Benn surrender act and the lickspittle Tory rebels in one slurred sentence. They have a clear choice now: either vote for Boris’ deal or vote no deal. Both of which suits me, to be frank.

    As for the Remainiacs, of all parties, they no longer have a leg to stand on. They said that they would force Boris to beg for an extension if there was no deal but now that there is clearly a deal and even Juncker is urging them to accept it, they must vote in favour of the new deal.

    Once the deal is approved, they will also no longer have an excuse to block a General Election which I presume Boris will call almost immediately and then he can enact his Queens speech and the UK can get down to forging a positive future and dealing with the issues that really do matter to people.

    So, it is clear the self-serving pigs have to either vote for this compromise deal or vote for no deal but they should not dare delay a decision any longer unless they too want to be pulled off the roof and given a kick in!

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