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    House of Crooks?

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    Jon Gaunt

    I am all for conviction Politicians but dead against Politicians with criminal convictions voting on our country's future. I am outraged that the criminal MP, Fiona Onasanya effectively had the casting vote in the Commons this week to block any chance of a "no deal" Brexit.

    This criminal's vote was worth more than the votes of 17.4 million decent law-abiding people in the EU Referendum and sums up just how removed from reality and the masses the House of Muppets is.

    This serial liar brazenly walked through the lobby of the Mother of all Parliaments wearing an electronic tag. The facts are that she was sentenced to 3 months in prison on January 29th for perverting the course of Justice after repeatedly lying to the Police about a speeding offence.

    She was released early (there's a surprise!) after only 28 days on condition that she wore a tag and agreed to a curfew. So, in effect, whichever way you look at this she was still serving her sentence. So, if criminals in prison CANNOT vote in elections whilst in nick why could this disgraced, self-serving pig vote in a vital vote on our future?

    Plus of course, wasn't she also breaking her curfew by voting after 7 pm?

    Curfews are normally from 7 pm to 7 am.

    Is this another example of one law for them and another for us?

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    Don't forget this lying parasite is also in the middle of a recall procedure where constituents are trying to force her out. To be fair to Labour they have chucked her out of their party already. However, it gets worse because this brazen liar still had the bare-faced cheek to pick up her salary whilst in prison, a feat that even Fletch in Porridge would have said was a stretch too far!

    I tweeted about this outrage yesterday and Labour MP Wes Streeting took me on saying that she didn't break her curfew and was not wearing a tag.

    Well, Wes does the math mate, she was sentenced on January 29 to 3 months and the vote was on April 3.

    Wes, why don't you borrow an abacus from Diane Abbot or take your shoes and socks off and count?

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    If she was no longer wearing a tag I and millions of others want to know why. Of course, she was breaking a curfew as the vote was at ten and she, like all criminals, has to be at home by seven. Or are the rules different for criminal MPs?

    However, Wes instead of taking me on son why didn't you discover your own backbone and abstain in the vote to cancel out this criminal's influence?

    I loved the fact that Wes sent me a condescending tweet saying, "She didn't break a curfew, Jon. Fiona is still an MP and would have been (rightly) criticised had she not turned up. Whether she should remain an MP is something else — and to be decided by the people of Peterborough in the recall petition. Facts matter."

    Facts matter? Really Wes? You really think that's what the public think, I know you represent Ilford but do you live on Planet Zanussi?

    Some lefties picked me up on Twitter saying that Tory Chris Davis who is awaiting sentencing on fraud charges for fiddling his election expenses also voted as if that somehow excused a convicted criminal walking through the lobby.

    Of course, my reply is simple, Davis is a self-serving piece of scum too and should be deselected and is not fit to serve in the Mother of all Parliaments.

    My anger at serial liar Fiona is nothing to do with party politics but everything to do with the self-serving attitude of the whole house, as I keep saying, a plague on both their houses.

    However, I had better be careful with my words or Top Cops will be having me up on a Hate charge.

    Whilst parliament fiddles over Brexit and our country burns with anger and knife crime the Chairman of the National Police Chief Council (NPCC), Martin Hewitt, said yesterday that people should think carefully to avoid inciting others to violence. He said that there is "an incredibly febrile atmosphere" as a result of the debate over leaving the EU and there was a lot of "angry talk" on social media.

    Continuing our ‘New Lord Chamberlain and censor of free speech' said "I think there is a responsibility on those individuals that have a platform and have a voice to communicate in a way that is temperate and is not in any way going to inflame people's views."

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    Excuse my French, but who the effing hell does this Copper think he is?

    It is not the Police's job to monitor free speech especially when what he is actually talking about, is saying that people should not use words like "betrayal" or "traitors."

    Well, I am sorry Plod you are not going to silence me or 17.4 million other patriots (is that word allowed Martin?) I do believe that we are being betrayed by a bunch of self-serving traitors who are ignoring the democratic wishes of the people and I am bloody angry.

    The reason why people are so angry Mr Top Copper is because they feel that Theresa May, aided and abetted by criminals like Onasanya and the EU Mafia, have done everything they can to not deliver Brexit.

    Because of the growth of social media and alternative broadcasting platforms people have seen through the establishment elites lies that used to be spread and controlled by the MSM.

    People are angry, as illustrated by last night's election result in Newport that had such a low turnout and where Labour's majority was slashed and UKIP had a massive rise in support.

    It is laughable that the Politicians and their controlled MSM lickspittles are blaming the low turnout and result on terrible weather! Give over, it is a clear sign of the real storm that is going to hit the establishment when we are finally betrayed (sorry Martin am I allowed to use that word?).

    The media, of course, illustrate this free speech censors' words with another picture of murdered MP Jo Cox. Look we get the message guys and everyone condemns the actions of this right-wing nutjob but it is far too simplistic to associate "hurty" words with murder.

    We have every right to call people traitors or say we are being betrayed when Theresa May jumps into bed and effectively cedes control of our country's future to a Marxist or when today she again crawls back to the EU to beg for an even longer extension for us to stay in the EU which we clearly voted to leave.

    We have every right to be angry when Donald Tusk suddenly decided today that we can have a 12-month extension and we have every right to suggest that this whole Brexit chaos has been choreographed from the beginning by an elite who were and are determined that this great country will not leave the EU.

    We have every right to use "hurty" words when Parliament keeps saying that "no deal" is off the table when every poll shows that people are not afraid of a "no deal" on WTO terms and that Operation Fear is not working.

    Top cops are also telling us that there are 10 thousand coppers tooled up and ready, at 24 hours' notice, to combat riots in the event of us "crashing out" on a no deal! Martin, I hope you don't mind me saying but that is bullsh*t and don't impress me or scare me.

    Give it a rest will you please, you Establishment Muppets, and instead, why don't you just give us what we voted for?

    Meanwhile Top Cops can you please stop worrying about "hurty" words and concentrate on hurty knives and guns and the scum who carry them?

    The views and opinions expressed by the contributor do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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