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    England's fans cheer after team's victory at the World Cup Round of 16 soccer match between Colombia and England, at the Spartak Arena, in Moscow, Russia, July 3, 2018.

    May is a Hypocrite

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    Jon Gaunt

    “I couldn’t be prouder of England-a victory in a penalty shootout! You have well and truly earnt your place in the final eight of the World Cup and you should know the whole country is right behind you for Saturday. Come on England!”

    My sentiments entirely, but not my words or tweet I am afraid. These are the words of our future King, Prince William, after our stunning victory in Moscow last night.

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    William has summed up the mood of the nation. However, the plain stark facts are that he should have been in that stadium last night as should many, many thousands more English football fans. However, because of the rampant anti Russia hysteria wound up by Theresa May and Boris Johnson, William and everyone else has been left at home waiting for football to come home.

    You will recall that Theresa DisMay announced, in fit of pique in March, that no members of the Government or the Royal Family would attend the world cup even though she had absolutely no hard evidence that the SKRIPALS WERE POISONED by the Russian State.

    Her exact words were "There will be no attendance by ministers — or indeed members of the Royal Family — at this summer's World Cup in Russia,"

    She continued, "The Russian state was culpable of the attempted murder".

    "Many of us looked at a post-Soviet Russia with hope. We wanted a better relationship and it is tragic that President Putin has chosen to act in this way."

    You will then recall that Boris the Big Mouth ratcheted up the tension by suggesting our team might even be banned from participating in the World Cup. Welsh windbag Neil Kinnock's son Stephen said we should boycott the tournament and then later said our fans and players should wear black armbands to protest against Putin. Is he an MP or the leader of the National Union of Students? Grow up you prat!

    Then the MSM decided to do their bit of anti-Russia propaganda. After slavishly following the absurd and clearly false narrative about the Skripal case they started talking about Russian hooligans and what the Ultras were going to do to English fans.

    Now of course there was terrible violence between English fans and Russian at the last big tournament BUT I don't want to do the proverbial on the MSM and politicians parade but so far there has been no real violence or aggro at this World Cup. In fact, quite the opposite, everyone has been remarking on how fantastically well organised the event has been and what a beautiful and welcoming country modern Russia is.

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    It has been quite literally a month-long PR advertising campaign for the new Russia. This again, of course, casts even more doubt on the assertion by Dis May and Big Mouth Johnson that Putin had anything to do with the Skripal poisoning. As I said at the time, why would he be involved in something like that on the eve of such a PR opportunity? It was obvious then, it is even more clear now.

    Then, this morning, a tweet pops up on my timeline from Theresa May and I reach for the sick bucket, not as a reaction to last night's excesses but to her disgusting tweet, "Huge congratulations to England Keep the flag flying for us." She illustrates this with the flag of Saint George flying over Number 10.

    ​So, now she is a football fan? The question now then, is will she lift the ban and actually say sorry to Russia and President Putin especially in the light of a news story breaking this morning of another couple falling ill in Salisbury which is reminiscent of the Skripals. How long before Boris tells us again, "it Woz the Russians wot did it……. again".

    This woman and her Foreign Secretary are a liability to the UK and both should go now.

    In the short term both Prince Harry and William should be on the next EasyJet flight to Russia and should be in the stadium supporting our boys.

    I also hope, in the light of the brilliant security and the general atmosphere of Russia hosting of this magnificent event, that many more English fans will scrape the cash together and manage to get there. I really truly wish I could afford the trip. I genuinely believe that football is coming home and I just wish these two Muppets would find another home far, far away from the UK and out of harm's way.

    Finally, and with delicious irony, when we beat Sweden on Saturday there is every chance we could meet Russia in the Semi-finals, oh how glorious would that be?

    Come on England!

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