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    Vladimir Putin and Francois Fillon at joint news conference, Moscow (file)

    France Says 'No' to Russophobia

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    Dmitry Babich

    George Soros's worst nightmare is about to become a reality in a key European country – France.

    In an interview to Le Monde, the likeliest winner of the coming presidential election Francois Fillon called NATO's promise in 2008 to take in Georgia and Ukraine as "irresponsible." For Soros, who in his recent article saw Europe as a battleground for a Manichean fight between "democrats" and "dictators," this must be a sure sign of "Europe falling under the influence of Vladimir Putin."

    In reality, Russia's hopes for France are much more modest. They are nothing like the monsters which Mr. Soros creates in his imagination. Contrary to the fake generalizations in the mainstream press, Russia has been looking for understanding not so much in the so called far-right parties inside the EU countries as in the established "center" of European politics. Francois Fillon and his Gaullist party The Republicans represent exactly that – the moderate "right of center" in the French politics.

    In the years that followed the worsening of relations with the West after the Kiev coup in 2014, Russia invited even the former president Nicolas Sarkozy, the main architect of the Western intervention in Libya, to several forums in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The aim was not "to dominate Europe," but to find in France a minimally sensible politician, who would not see Russia as a "clear and present danger" (a preferred expression of French Russophobes). Finding such politicians in France would set a stage for a dialogue – an antonym to Mr. Soros's "color revolutions," touted by the Western media and despised by the people in the "revolutionized" countries, from Syria and Serbia to Georgia and Ukraine.

    This aim of a dialogue could not be achieved through the cruel and duplicitous Sarkozy, who only advised Russia to remove its countersanctions against Western foodstuffs "in a gesture of goodwill." (Many a previous gesture of this kind from Russia did not deter NATO's expansion to Russia's borders or any other hostile moves from the US and the EU.) But Russia suddenly found a lot of sympathy among the less elitist French politicians, who represented the pragmatic interests of French business, and not the imperial designs of "spreading democracy" around the globe.

    In April 2016, the French parliament, the National Assembly, recommended the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

    And now Francois Fillon, an unexpected winner of the primaries in the French rightist party The Republicans, is voicing similar ideas about EU-Russian relations in general. To an unbiased observer, these truths are simple enough to be coming out of the mouth of babes, but for the mainstream media they are dangerous heresies.

    "Has the West always been a reliable partner for Russia?" Fillon asked himself rhetorically during a recent interview to Le Monde daily. "Didn't we deceive Russia on Libya, on Kosovo, on the economic partnership with the EU?"

    Despite his previous characterizations of Russia as a "dangerous" country, Fillon obviously went beyond the limits of the European mainstream on Russia when he called NATO's invitation for Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO in future "irresponsible."

    "Why did we need to deploy anti-missile defense right near the Russian border? We made a lot of mistakes," Fillon said in that same interview.

    Instead of countering Mr. Fillon by arguments, French politicians and mainstream media prefers "trolling" him by alleging he has "personal connections" to Russia. So far, the only revealed connections were Mr. Fillon's two visits to Russia in the framework of the Valdai Discussion Club (an organization bringing together people with all kinds of views on Russia, including some very critical ones). Also, Fillon and Putin were prime ministers of France and Russia respectively in 2008-2010 and as such they exchanged a few friendly messages. So much for "personal connections."

    This, however, did not deter Alain Juppe, Fillon's rival during the primaries of the French right, to "warn" his adversary against "excess of vodka during his meetings with Putin."

    This cheap insult, however, did not play well with voters, who preferred Fillon to Juppe, making the former prime minister the main candidate of the center-right Republicans.

    The lesson also did not go down well with Manuel Valls, the former Socialist prime minister, who is going through the leftist primaries right now in the hope of challenging Fillon later this year during the presidential election. Valls said he would "defend France against both the United States of Trump and Putin's Russia" if elected the president.

    Will Russophobia play out for Mr. Valls? There is a strong doubt about this. Valls has already lost the first tour of Socialist primaries to the little known "red and green" candidate Benoit Hamon.

    "People like Valls just don't understand that there is a certain fatigue about business as usual in Europe, and Russophobia is a part of the business as usual there," said Gevorg Mirzayan, a specialist on foreign relations at the Institute of US and Canada in Moscow.

    Hopefully, the Russophobic part of the business as usual will come to an end. Russia wants only as much as that – and legitimately.

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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    • Angus Gallagher
      Excellent article. Russian columnists are more conservative, aligned to the Kremlin, and reflect our traditional values.
      We want more Russian opinion here and less of this Marxist western pro-mass migration LGBT shizzle. There are plenty of robust Russian voices to replace that constant western leftist snivelling.
    • avatar
      Soros is finding his money only buys increasing nightmares. Money does not change voters only those heads that can be bought that have no more political sense then the heads of lettuce
      Rumor says Soros is thinking Ireland might be a fertile place for him to play god .... the leprechauns may just fleece him to refill their pots of gold.
    • avatar
      Problem are these old farts in the west who grew up during the cold war and whose thinking is backward and paranoid. They still have outdated, stale ideas about Russia and western 'civilization' that are no longer valid. These people have to die out before any meaningful change will come. Until they do so, these people will only serve as a hindrance.
    • avatar

      Mr Dmitry Babich I have been watching you on CCTV, now CGTV and RT-TV, etc & I agree with your responses.

      Even though someone posted my Sputnik news comment on Google, which "Compromised my Privacy" I wanted to share with you my opinion.

      The way things are going in France & EU, we should call him President Fillon!

      The Question to Theresa May is? What is the Difference between “The Referendum” of Scotland & Crimea.
      Scotland LOST, so they Stayed with UK.
      Crimea (Part of Russia during “Catherine The Great”)
      WON “The Referendum” by 78%, Joined Russia.

      Are we missing some thing HERE? EU SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS!

      “Thanks God” __Americans Voted just in time for
      “The Peace Loving Man, Mr. Trump
      (God’s Miracle President, Against All Odds) NOT Clinton.”

      President Putin has put-up for a long time, whenever EU Blames him, when it could NOT solve its Own Problems.

      Theresa May & 95% EU Politicians along with the help of its MSM Propaganda, Told the Former Democratically President of Ukraine You are With us or with Russia. When he told them I want to work with Both you & Russia, the EU along with McCain & Graham & Patricia Nuland Overthrow him & Replace him with their Own Man.

      AMERICAS PLEASE, STOP __John McCain (R-AZ) & Lindsey Graham (R-SC)—Still Trying to Start “The Last War__WW-3”, between USA & Russia

      This (2) are fooling themselves NOT the Informed Americans, who could NOT stand them & that is one of the reasons, why Congress has less than (15%) Favorable Rate.

      __ McCain & Graham were also helped the Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia, Libya, Georgia, Ukraine Wars, NOW With RUSSIA, The Last War

      __ In 2008 Presidential Campaign, Doctor Butler a Highly Decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran & (POW), who was awarded (2) Silver Stars, (2) Legion of Merits, (2) Bronze Stars and (2) Purple Heart Medals.”
      & a long-time acquaintance of McCain, Wrote an Article, below

      While Graham never SEEN a Combat, McCain, the so called (POW), During Former USA Senator Jim Webb’s (D-VA) “Landmark-GI Bill, although “The Bill Passed” McCain & Lindsey Graham who could not wait to send “Our Troops to fight THEIR Wars” were NO Show for the Vote.

      __ Doctor Butler “Why I Will Not Vote for John McCain?”
    • Jonathan Ferguson
      The two-headed devil Sarkollande will just have to gnash his teeth alone.
    • Jonathan Fergusonin reply toedover3(Show commentHide comment)
      edover3, That day cannot come too soon. They are old now, so it won't be long.
    • avatar
      F**k Soros, he knows his world order is hopefully going to come down, vive Fillon or LePen.
    • avatar
      If Fillon doesn't get in, another realist, Marine Le Pen, will take the reins and sanctions will disappear. Soros has energized the far right across the US and Europe, which unfortunately for him opposes globalism. The Soros swamp is being drained by the natural process of the ballot box.
    • Nam
      Saint McCarthy can rest in peace, the average French is still scared sh1tless of the evil Russians, because he gets his information from reliable sources like Hollywood movies.
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