14:59 GMT16 July 2020
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    • Agent Trumpsky
      Last update: 18:00 GMT 12.07.2018
      18:00 GMT 12.07.2018

      Agent Trumpsky

      A US media outlet has claimed that US President Donald Trump was recruited by Soviet intelligence way back in the 1980s.

    • Donald to Donald, Trump to Tusk
      Last update: 00:11 GMT 11.07.2018
      00:11 GMT 11.07.2018

      Donald to Donald, Trump to Tusk

      Within hours before his Wednesday meeting with NATO leaders in Brussels, Donald Trump revved up his anti-Europe rhetoric on both television and Twitter – prompting EU President Donald Tusk to have some words about America during the EU-NATO cooperation signing.

    • Napoleon 2.0
      Last update: 20:00 GMT 10.07.2018
      20:00 GMT 10.07.2018

      Napoleon 2.0?

      It looks like French President Emmanuel Macron is learning from history in his own specific way.

    • Immigration Impacting Infantry
      Last update: 22:45 GMT 06.07.2018
      22:45 GMT 06.07.2018

      Immigration Impacting Infantry

      After receiving heavy pushback by the Trump administration, the US’ Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest recruitment program, or MAVNI, is now deauthorized and, as a result, the Pentagon has begun discharging dozens of associated recruits.

    • Happy Indifference Day
      Last update: 00:02 GMT 04.07.2018
      00:02 GMT 04.07.2018

      Happy Indifference Day

      Results from a June Gallup poll surveying self-declared Democrats, Republicans, liberals, moderates, conservatives and independents revealed only 47% are “extremely proud” to be American – a percentage Gallup cites as “a low point in U.S. patriotism.”

    • Auf Wiedersehen
      Last update: 17:42 GMT 02.07.2018
      17:42 GMT 02.07.2018

      Auf Wiedersehen

      Monday morning hasn't been very pleasant for Angela Merkel as the German chancellor found out that her coalition partner may resign.

    • Thoughts, Prayers and Finger Pointing
      Last update: 23:42 GMT 29.06.2018
      23:42 GMT 29.06.2018

      Thoughts, Prayers and Finger Pointing

      Despite a lack of credible information pertaining to suspect Jarrod Ramos and his motive for allegedly carrying out the mass shooting at the offices of Maryland’s Capital Gazette, that didn’t stop Americans, from netizens to news hosts, from tying the incident to their own personal political agendas.

    • Check Your Freedoms With Your Baggage
      Last update: 23:48 GMT 26.06.2018
      23:48 GMT 26.06.2018

      Check Your Freedoms With Your Baggage

      Tuesday, in a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court moved to uphold the most recent iteration of US President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

    • Run Harley, Run
      Last update: 12:30 GMT 26.06.2018
      12:30 GMT 26.06.2018

      Run, Harley, Run

      With the US-EU trade war going in full swing, Harley Davidson plans to shift production to facilities in countries not hit by the tariff burden, with the plan expected to take between 9 and 18 months to implement.

    • Not Our Problem
      Last update: 14:28 GMT 25.06.2018
      14:28 GMT 25.06.2018

      Not Our Problem

      As the Italian government moves to take a harsher stance on the migrant issue, it also seems reluctant to help rescue unseaworthy refugee boats traversing the Mediterranean.

    • FLOTUS Flees to the Border
      Last update: 00:41 GMT 22.06.2018
      00:41 GMT 22.06.2018

      FLOTUS Flees to the Border

      Thursday, First Lady Melania Trump made waves in both political and entertainment media by taking an unannounced visit to two separate Texas detention centers near the US-Mexico border.

    • Ingraham at it Again
      Last update: 22:46 GMT 19.06.2018
      22:46 GMT 19.06.2018

      Ingraham at it Again

      Fox News’ Laura Ingraham is facing backlash once again after a “FAUX LIBERAL OUTRAGE” segment on her program compared the US’ child detention centers to “summer camps.”

    • Lock Me Up?
      Last update: 21:59 GMT 15.06.2018
      21:59 GMT 15.06.2018

      Lock Me Up?

      Former Trump campaign manager and unofficial anti-Hillary hypeman Paul Manafort had his bail revoked was forced to go to jail Friday following a federal court determination that he attempted to influence witnesses.

    • Dude, See My Car
      Last update: 20:00 GMT 13.06.2018
      20:00 GMT 13.06.2018

      Dude, See My Car

      While the Singapore summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was jam-packed with a number of firsts for the two nations, Trump seemed to be his happiest when showing off his presidential ride: The Beast.

    • G1
      Last update: 14:28 GMT 08.06.2018
      14:28 GMT 08.06.2018


      The bromance between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump appears to have been broken as the French president has lashed out at his American counterpart on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Canada.

    • Can’t Lose Attitude
      Last update: 00:24 GMT 08.06.2018
      00:24 GMT 08.06.2018

      Can’t Lose Attitude

      Before his working lunch with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, US President Donald Trump told members of the press that his preparation for the June 12 summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un consists mostly of “attitude.”

    • Sausage Policymaking
      Last update: 14:03 GMT 06.06.2018
      14:03 GMT 06.06.2018

      Sausage Policymaking

      French President Emmanuel Macron made a surprising comparison when shedding light on his phone conversation with Donald Trump.

    • No Eagles Allowed
      Last update: 23:55 GMT 05.06.2018
      23:55 GMT 05.06.2018

      No Eagles Allowed

      In a non-traditional change of pace, US President Donald Trump revoked a White House invitation extended to NFL Super Bowl champions the Philadelphia Eagles and restructured their celebration into a National Anthem awareness day.

    • Flying High
      Last update: 17:54 GMT 04.06.2018
      17:54 GMT 04.06.2018

      Flying High

      People basking on a sandy beach at the Ukrainian resort of Kirillovka witnessed an unusual sight as a Sukhoi Su-25 jet flew just meters above the surface of the water.

    • What Goes Around, Comes Around
      Last update: 14:26 GMT 01.06.2018
      14:26 GMT 01.06.2018

      Global Trade Tit for Tat: What Goes Around, Comes Around

      World leaders on both sides of the Atlantic have decried Trump's decision to impose a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports on the EU, Canada and Mexico, and have promised to respond in kind.