09:59 GMT +323 May 2018
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    • Between You and Me
      Last update: 19:08 23.05.2017
      19:08 23.05.2017

      Between You and Me

      Every person who has kept an eye on Donald Trump's political carreer, especially his election campaign, knows that the US president loves walls. He even promised to build one on the border with Mexico.

    • From Ukraine With Love
      Last update: 16:55 22.05.2017
      16:55 22.05.2017

      Ukrainian Quality

      It appears that armored personnel carriers supplied by Ukraine to Iraq weren't just featuring cracks in their hulls, but also suffered from a considerable number of other malfunctions as well.

    • Robert E Lee Statue Cartoon
      Last update: 02:45 20.05.2017
      02:45 20.05.2017

      Robert E. See You Later

      The city of New Orleans has removed their 20-foot bronze statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, the last and most prominent of their monuments to the Confederacy.

    • Cold Facts
      Last update: 17:06 18.05.2017
      17:06 18.05.2017

      Cold Facts

      In March, US Marine Corps took part in Joint Viking exercise near the Norwegian-Russian border to protect the Nordic country from the perceived Russian threat. Later, it turned that it was the biting frost, not aggressive Russians that threatened the wellbeing of the American troops.

    • Top Secret
      Last update: 18:04 17.05.2017
      18:04 17.05.2017

      Top Secret

      On Tuesday, NBC reported on the details of the conversation between Trump and Lavrov last week, claiming that the US President disclosed intelligence information on a Daesh plan to use laptop computers on flights as bombs.

    • Trump Impeachment Poll Cartoon
      Last update: 02:01 17.05.2017
      02:01 17.05.2017

      Trump, You’re Fired ... Out of a Cannon ... Into the Sun

      A new poll from left-leaning polling outlet Public Policy Polling has found that 48 percent of surveyed voters support impeaching US President Donald Trump, while only 41 percent are opposed to the idea.

    • Bad Bad Idea
      Last update: 15:25 15.05.2017
      15:25 15.05.2017

      Terrible Idea

      Russian President Vladimir Putin warned international leaders against overthrowing regimes in other countries.

    • Full Disclosure
      Last update: 19:05 12.05.2017
      19:05 12.05.2017

      Full Disclosure

      Former national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, one of the architects of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, has admitted that bringing democracy to the Middle Eastern country was not the real priority.

    • Russians Strike Again
      Last update: 17:27 11.05.2017
      17:27 11.05.2017

      Russians Strike Again

      A recent meeting between US President Donald Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov sparked intense speculations in the US media as apparently only the Russian side has published the protocol photos made during the event, while no US reporters were allowed into the meeting.

    • Giving the Boot
      Last update: 15:13 10.05.2017
      15:13 10.05.2017

      Trump to Comey: You're Fired!

      On Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey was fired because he mishandled the probe into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server during her term as Secretary of State, according to the administration of US President Donald Trump.

      US President Trump Fires FBI Director Comey
    • Canada Poll Comic
      Last update: 01:56 10.05.2017
      01:56 10.05.2017

      Giving America the Cold Shoulder

      A new poll has found that Canadian approval of the United States has fallen to the lowest levels on record since surveys began in 1982: 44 percent approval to 53 percent disapproval.

    • Rewriting History
      Last update: 16:44 09.05.2017
      16:44 09.05.2017

      Victory Day: Fighting Attempts to Distort History

      On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the joint fight against the attempts to distort history is the best tribute to the liberator soldiers.

      2017 WWII Victory Day Celebrations
    • Victory Day
      Last update: 15:57 09.05.2017
      15:57 09.05.2017

      Celebrating Victory Day

      On May 9, Russia celebrates the 72nd anniversary of Nazi Germany's defeat in the Great Patriotic War. Russia's celebrations on May 9 start with military parades across the country with the most famous taking place on the Red Square in Moscow and concludes with fireworks in the evening.

      2017 WWII Victory Day Celebrations
    • Global Port Authority
      Last update: 17:47 05.05.2017
      17:47 05.05.2017

      Global Port Authority

      Russian lawmakers have taken a dim view of the latest US House of Representatives bill enhancing sanctions against North Korea, which pushes for establishing control over a number of Russia's Far Eastern ports.

    • Satanic Veteran's Monument Cartoon
      Last update: 01:46 05.05.2017
      01:46 05.05.2017

      Keep the Devil Way Down in the Hole

      A veterans’ memorial in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, will soon carry a Satanic monument: a black cube inscribed with pentagrams. The Satanic Temple successfully petitioned the city to have their monument installed in the park’s “limited open forum.”

    • Political Titanic
      Last update: 14:50 04.05.2017
      14:50 04.05.2017

      Political Titanic

      On May 3, FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee stating that Russia is the "greatest threat of any nation on Earth" to the democratic process in the United States.

    • Senatorial Advisory
      Last update: 16:48 03.05.2017
      16:48 03.05.2017

      Governmental Guidance Advised

      Republican senators are losing patience with President Trump's tweets.

    • Trump Security Expense Cartoon
      Last update: 03:27 03.05.2017
      03:27 03.05.2017

      Tremendous Security Costs, Just Tremendous

      The new Congressional budget has apportioned $120 million — about 475 full rides to Harvard — to the protection and security of US President Donald Trump and his family.

    • Match Made in Heaven
      Last update: 17:18 02.05.2017
      17:18 02.05.2017

      Match Made in Heaven

      An FBI employee with security clearance went to Syria and married a Daesh terrorist who was the target of her investigation, US media reported this week.

    • Macron the Media Bouncer
      Last update: 17:02 28.04.2017
      17:02 28.04.2017

      Macron the Media Bouncer

      Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has slammed the HQ of French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron for not issuing accreditation to Sputnik and RT journalists.