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    This file photo taken on July 24, 2013 shows a logo of German pharmaceuticals and chemicals giant Bayer on an overpass at its Berlin headquarters

    Germany's Bayer to Buy US Agricultural Company Monsanto in $65Bln Deal

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    German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer agreed deal with he US agricultural company Monsanto to buy the US-based corporation, according to media reports.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer reached an agreement with the US agricultural company Monsanto to buy the US-based corporation in a deal worth about $65 billion, media reported Wednesday.

    In May, Bayer offered $62 billion to buy Monsanto, saying the pesticide and fertilizer producer was a perfect match for its agricultural business. The US company has rejected that proposal, as well as further bids of Bayer. Earlier in September, the German company announced that it had again increased its bid.

    The two companies reached an agreement on valuing Monsanto’s equity at some $56 billion, but taking into consideration the US corporation's debt the deal was worth around $65 billion, the Financial Times newspaper reported, citing sources familiar with the deal.

    Monsanto's management supported the deal, which included a break-up fee worth $2 billion, the newspaper added.

    Monsanto is one of the leading world companies specializing at production of agrichemical and biotechnological products. The company has been criticized world-wide for the influence of company’s products, including genetically modified seeds and chemical herbicides, has on the environment and public health.


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      I think Bayer is going to be surprised that the name change isn't going to increase public support. The hatred for Monsanto will now go to Bayer, as long as the same business methods are used. GMOs are not wanted and are contaminating the natural order. They can name a GMO company after a church and it will make no difference.

      GMOs don't work long term because biological systems evolve and adapt. The "gene" needs to constantly change, which means the possibility of some day not having any modification to change to and the West could be choked with "super weeds" and no means to control them because companies taught the plants how to resist, with constant genetic modification. It's very similar to trap smart animals. If not careful, animals learn to avoid all traps and means of control and populations increase exponentially.
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      Learn about Monsanto's pesticide Roundup and the massive deaths and deformations this pesticide causes worldwide.
    • Mystic-One
      Roundup is even sprayed on non-GMO crops to hasten the drying and lessen the wastage through molds mildews and other fungus. Which people in turn ingest.

      The people of the West are being poisoned on purpose.

      Now I know Bayer is EVIL!
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      Erik Tretein reply toAthanasios(Show commentHide comment)
      Athanasios, Roundup is The cause of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) of unknown etiology (CKDu) in Sri Lanka, El Salvador and other countries with heavy metal containing soils and hard water. Usually these heavy metals are bound to the soil and so "inert" glyphosate, in the presence of heavy metal ions forms stable, water soluble complexes with those heavy metal ions such as arsenic, if it is present in the soil. These compounds then percolate down through the soil to shallow water tables in these regions where it is drawn up from shallow wells and consumed by the local population. The metallic complex breaks down in the kidneys depositing its toxic cargo, which with chronic exposure builds over time eventually destroying the kidney. You can read much about this in peer reviewed scientific papers on the internet.....Monsanto still refutes this clear substantiated evidence insisting roundup is safe.

      Bayer is buying a legal time bomb waiting to explode. El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Egypt and India are all affected - maybe millions of victims that should, must be compensated.
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      Athanasiosin reply toErik Trete(Show commentHide comment)
      Erik Trete, thank you for your informative comment. Ι'll look this up.
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