13:12 GMT16 January 2021
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    The US dropped a bomb nicknamed "the Mother of All Bombs" in Afghanistan on Thursday. The Pentagon said it was used on an underground complex of caves and tunnels, believed to be used by Daesh. Some media reported that Daesh denied that the group had suffered casualties in the attack.

    Radio Sputnik spoke to director of the geopolitical research project for Command Eleven consulting in Islamabad, Shahid Raza.

    “In order to understand why they used this particular bomb at this particular time one must understand the weapon itself. This MOAB which stands for Massive Ordnance Air Blast points to the fact that this weapon explodes in the air producing a thermobaric effect,” Raza said.

    He further said that when the US authorities say that they actually used it to destroy an underground cave fortress that may not be completely true.

    “This weapon never hits the ground as it produces a thermobaric effect and sucks up all the oxygen destroying all the living and breathing beings in its blast radius which is around 2.5 kilometers,” the director said.

    He believes that the bomb was dropped because of the recent geo-political motives that the US is pursuing.

    “First they attacked the Syrian air base based on information that is less than accurate because there is no tangible evidence to say that Assad really used those weapons over there. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t; there is no evidence to prove it. Nevertheless they went ahead and in a show of force attacked the base,” the director said.

    Then the Afghan attack happened and the rising tensions in the DPRK all point to a certain “geopolitical trend emerging.”

    The director further said that the US authorities called the MOAB attack  a message to US enemies; however, it seems that the “US enemies’ list just keeps growing.”

    “They are never short of enemies so whoever stands against US interests or their expansionism they are considered US enemies. Hence, they are sending a geopolitical message by dropping this massive weapon in Afghanistan,” Raza said.

    He further spoke about how the instability in Afghanistan justifies the US presence in the country.

    “If Afghanistan is completely peaceful there is no need for foreign troops to be there,” the director said.

    Raza also said that the recent show of force by the US can also be aimed at trying to present US President Donald Trump as a strong leader.

    “They are trying to intensify the war in Afghanistan as Trump’s administration will bring more foot soldiers because they will present IS [Daesh] as a much bigger threat than it really is and it would then justify the continued presence of American forces in Afghanistan,” the director said.

    All of this is being done to “present America as the sole, single super power in the world and nothing else is acceptable.” The emerging rise of Russia and China is unacceptable and these actions are aimed at “targeting multi-polarity, as they want to maintain America as the single super power in the world, Raza said.


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