22:05 GMT12 August 2020
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    Despite the fact that in China there are strong censorship regulations which block locals from using social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, these rules do not apply to Donald Trump.

    US President Donald Trump is on an official visit to China. Many people were wondering how the president, obsessed with Twitter would deal with Chinese Internet restrictions.

    But it seems that Trump won't have any problem.

    "The president will tweet whatever he wants. That’s his way of communicating directly with the American people. Why not?" a senior White House official said as quoted by a pooled report.

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    Internet in China is tightly controlled through a censorship system known as the Great Firewall. It blocks international social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even eBay. Locals have substitutions for them, Weibo for example. Foreigners in China may try their luck at accessing their favorite social media platform via roaming services that connect to their cellular networks. But success is not guaranteed.

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