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    River or Wall? Can You Solve the Viral Riddle That Stumped the German Internet?

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    A viral photo has quickly spread across the German-speaking internet as users try to solve the mystery in the background.

    A photo posted by the Jodel application on its Facebook page that has gone viral, as confused German internet users try to make out what the image is of. 

    The photograph shows the aftermath of a barbecue that appears to have been held next to a wall – or a river. Jodel, an application for students, asked its Facebook followers if the body in the background looks more like a wall or a river.

    "We can't agree. The longer you think about it, the more unclear it becomes. What do you think?"

    ​The picture has received more than 1,100 comments and since it was posted on May 18. Opinion appears to be split, with some viewers seeing a road to the left of the photo, and others seeing a boat.

    So far, nobody has been able to give a definitive answer, and users have tried in vain to find another image of the area where the photo was taken.

    "The picture was taken in Meerbusch; the only river it could be in there is the Rhine. It is about 500 meters wide there. Both Langenbruchbach and Bursbach and all other small streams in Meerbusch are too narrow. It's a wall," one user wrote.

    "It must be water, because there is a bridge on the left of the picture . The missing reflection can be explained by the cloudy sky, since there is mostly nothing to reflect," another commented.

    "Is there no solution? Whoever took the photo needs to explain so that I can sleep in peace."

    "I, 28 years old, have been trying for hours through enlarging it, change in contrast etc., to find out if it’s a river or a wall," somebody wrote.

    In an effort to find out the truth behind the photo, the German newspaper Die Welt got in touch with Jodel's moderators and asked them where the photo is from. However, they replied that they themselves aren't sure where the photo was taken and what it represents.

    ​The wall or river photo still has some way to go to rival other viral photos. For example, last year a Twitter user called @itsthemans posted a selfie that quickly spread across the web as users saw a strange inconsistency in the mirror. The original user has since deleted his account, leaving the internet to wonder what exactly is going on in the photo.


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