06:11 GMT05 December 2020
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    Every child wants to meet the real Santa Claus, but even those who genuinely believe he exists have never seen him. Two Japanese kids decided to draw the line this Christmas and catch Santa!

    Their father tweeted photos and video clips of the boobytraps they invented and constructed with his help.

    The kids took a serious approach to their ambitious plan. The first thing to do was, of course, to sketch the design.

    ​Then they sought their parents’ help: they headed to a hardware store to buy some ropes and metal fixtures capable of bearing Santa’s solid weight.

    ​Santa was first tempted to succumb to his own greed. If he tried to pick some candies from the floor, he would be caught in a leg snare trap. Here is a video of it in action.

    ​If Santa avoided this temptation, he would still get a ball thrown at his face if he wasn't cautious in his attempt to leave.

    ​The last 'trap' left for Santa was Lego bricks all over the floor in front of the door. These really hurt when stepped on!

    ​However, despite all their efforts, Santa managed to escape. He turned out to be more dexterous that the kids expected, but just as kind as they knew he was. Before leaving their home, he left a note saying: “Dear Nagomi and Kazutoyo! This year I am giving you two presents. Since you were good kids, the first one is the toys you wanted. The second one is the memory of making all these traps together with your papa and mama.  — Santa Claus”

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