11:39 GMT14 August 2020
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    Designers working to extract ever-higher profits from beleaguered parents by creating the latest toddler trends are always scheming up the next “new look” for that chic three or five-year-old, but now it seems that things might have gone a little too far, too fast.

    Parents and anti-drug advocates are feeling fired up after an Amazon distributor offered marijuana-themed leggings for sale, labeled as “digital printed leaves,” in toddler sizes. 

    Marijuana Leggings for Toddlers Outrage Parents
    Marijuana Leggings for Toddlers Outrage Parents

    Unsurprisingly the sale offer does not mention that the leaves are those of the marijuana plant, suggesting instead that shoppers choose what size they feel will fit their child best. 

    Considering Christmas is just around the corner, the design could have escaped the notice of people with vigilante sentiments, but one observant Florida grandmother, who prefers to stay anonymous, was on the job.

    The concerned grandparent told TV station WFTX that the marijuana-themed leggings were inappropriate, and submitted a complaint to Amazon, but did not receive a response. 

    Joining in on the outrage, concerned parent Diane Ramseyer, executive director of Drug-Free Charlotte, in Florida, agreed, claiming that the sale of leaf-themed leggings for little ones is completely unacceptable. 

    “Why would you have that? You’re advertising that you’re showing acceptability to them,” Ramseyer declaimed to WFTV

    Having been slammed by frightened critics, Aoishlong-Baby, the seller of the “trendy” leggings, removed the product from their listing, but, just another search away, the controversial clothing remains available in the storefront of another Amazon distributor, PIPIgo. 

    With legalized recreational marijuana use sweeping the nation, it’s no surprise retailers are picking up on a ripe business opportunity, but when the trend reaches parents with small children, who can say that a line has not been crossed? 


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