05:50 GMT30 November 2020
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    Apparently, there are people who believe all misfortunes are be caused by demons and dark magic otherwise known as jinns. Turkey's Ministry of Health recently ordered the closure of a "moral health center" offering jinn expulsion and jinx removing rituals.

    The Ministry of Health of Turkey stated it didn't give the center a work license and decided to investigate its activities.

    The banner in front of the building said that the center offered "metaphysical procedures, bioenergy procedures, soul therapy" and other services, Turkish newspaper Posta reported.

    It also stated that the clinic was the first center in Turkey to offer "jinx removing services, expulsion of the jinn" as well as "bloodletting and astral services."

    The clinic started its work in Istanbul's Ikitelli district just recently, Turkish media reported. However, latest inspections revealed numerous violations, and the clinic has been closed for good.


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