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    Japan Offers Spa Getaway for Dogs With Baths, Meals… and Exorcisms

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    The D+Kirishima inn in Kyushu, Japan provides a getaway resort for canines, making their dreams come true with spa baths, formal kaiseki meals and a ceremonial exorcism in a unique package they’re calling the “Pet Dog Exorcism Plan”.

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    Although there are many services for pets and their owners around Japan, this specific plan is believed to be the first of its kind to offer exorcisms for dogs.

    The ceremonial spiritual cleansing is intended to free pups of bad spirits while praying for their future health and it is said to be especially useful for dogs in their “unlucky health years”.

    According to D+KIRISHIMA, the ages of 7, 10 and 13 are considered to be unfortunate for dogs hence the exorcism service is taken very seriously and is done by a Sinto chief priest on the hotel grounds in front of a shrine that is spiritually connected to the respected Kirishima Shrine, associated with the sacred Japanese mythology.

    Apart from the exorcism the pets can then enjoy themselves in the mineral-rich onsen spa water pumped directly from the source.

    The best part is that the pets don’t need to miss their owners during the luxurious retreat as the inn also provides a large bath for humans so they can bathe alongside their dogs on the private balcony.

    The cost of this getaway is reasonably priced at 31,000 yen (US$302.17) per room for two people and their pet, including breakfast, dinner, and the exorcism ceremony.


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