01:25 GMT27 September 2020
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    Several Bakersfield, California, residents were left confused after seeing a mysterious “blue light in the sky.”

    The neighbors reported seeing the light first on Feb. 14 and then again on March 14. This time, they videotaped it.

    "I was taking the recycling out to the trash can, and I saw this blue light in the sky, and I thought, that's kinda bright to be a star, I've never seen a blue star be that bright," Kelly Castruita told ABC News.

    "Watched it for about 10 minutes, just doing weird stuff, it would turn on and off and it would disappear," added Kelly's husband Jeff. 

    When the Kern County Sheriff’s Department that works in conjunction with the neighboring airport saw the video, they were also in awe.

    "I'm not aware of any calls that we've received regarding any blue lights, or strange lights in that area. Very seldom, if ever, have I seen anything like it. However, we are in the age of drones now, obviously we have military drones, but we have civilian drones now and drones for purchase, so that is a possibility," said Senior Deputy Victor Keesey.

    But witnesses say the object looks nothing like a drone.

    "It looked way too high up in the sky to be a drone," said Kelly Castruita. 

    "It wasn't a regular airplane or a drone, it was much bigger than what a drone would be, especially at that distance," added Ricardo Pantoja.

    Edwards Air Force Base denied receiving calls about the light.

    Officials told ABC, it could be an aurora in the sky, or testing from Vandenberg Air Force Base. 


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