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    According to Prime Minister Theresa May, the UK will not be considering the option of remaining in the EU. She said that Britain will preserve its integrity, and admitted to sharing some concerns related to the backstop plan.

    Sputnik discussed this with David William Norris, a retired lecturer on modern languages at a college in Birmingham, England.

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    Sputnik: Brexiteers have dubbed Theresa May's draft far worse than feared. People have actually said that it's a betrayal of the British electorate. What's your take on the matter?

    David William Norris: Really in a way it was predictable, because she didn't go into the thing with negotiations, she didn't negotiate. They were forever asking 'what does she want?' and she had no proper aim, and she simply didn't make it clear. So the outcome was pretty predictable. Being a Remainer herself, it's difficult to say how she could have gone into it with any conviction. I think it's inevitable; it's going to be a bad deal. It's inevitable. Worst of all, there's no exit door; we are tied into a customs union and there's no way out. So, they can hold us to ransom. I think that holding us to ransom, they dictate whether and if and when further discussions as to our relationship with the EU can go forward. I feel that that is the worst element of it. Certainly, we can't make any trade deals during this transitional period, but also [there is] no way out; we are at the beck and call of the EU. I think that's the worst thing in the whole deal.

    Sputnik: Some analysts say that the Brexit deal is now dead in the water; do you believe that there are going to be further resignations now, and do you believe that this deal can actually get through the House of Commons?

    David William Norris: It won't get through. Even if it's supported by Northern Ireland's DUP, they still will not be enough to get it through Parliament. It's just not going to get through, there's no way.

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    Sputnik: What's your particular take on the resignations and the position that Theresa May finds herself in?

    David William Norris: Both sides of the argument are not happy. A 1922 Committee spokesman said that if you can't change the policy, you've got to change the person; and I think that's what's going to happen. The 48 letters required to trigger a vote of no confidence have gone in, some have gone in on condition, but it seems to me that there will be a vote of no confidence and in that case, if she loses, she would have to resign. Whether this would lead to an election, who knows; but even if she were to win, she would only get another year.

    Sputnik: Who is going to replace Theresa May?

    David William Norris: It's either the Labor Party, or the Conservatives. There doesn't seem to be any leader on the horizon. I can't see anyone in the Conservative Party who is going to be able to unite them and pull them together; I just can't think of a single person. Most of those who consider themselves ready for leadership are likely to cause more problems than they solve. People like Boris Johnson would be a disaster; they are going to divide rather than unite. I can't see anyone on the horizon at all.

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    Sputnik: The worrying point of view from the average man in the street, I spoke to my mother who is 83 years old, she is sick and tired of this Brexit debate, of the fact that there's no strategy, there's no conclusion, there's fear mongering… Give us something positive, if you can, with regard to the next forthcoming days and weeks because everyone is absolutely sick and tired and fed up.

    David William Norris: I wish I could. I think everybody is fed up; nobody wants to talk about it really; they just wish to get on with it. I cannot really see any light at all at the moment; and I think that we just have to wait and see how things unfold. It's a very serious situation and one can just hope that someone gets hold of it. Like most people, I totally despair of them.

    The views and opinions expressed by the speaker do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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