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    Voting centers have opened on November 6, 2018 in the US. Speaking to Sputnik, John Elleson, Republican candidate for Illinois' 9th Congressional District in the US House, stressed that he wants to fight for the everyday common folk and to really be a person to unify the people.

    Sputnik: You are a first-time candidate for elected office. Your opponent has held the seat since 1999. What are your advantages over your opponent?

    John Elleson: I really want to fight for the people. I really want to be a candidate that helps solve the problems of our district and to really be a person to unify the people. You know, today we are living in a very divisive time: You know, lot of fighting, lot of people want to argue about politics and different things. One of things our campaign is: I really want to be the person who serves everybody.

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    Sputnik: The Democratic Representative and you have offered different economic policy visions. Why is your policy better?

    John Elleson: I really think that, you know, when I graduate from high school in 1980, you know you could get a job, a pretty good job, a blue-collar job; but today it seems like many of the jobs just aren't there. You know, for person graduate some high school and they don't want to go to college, you know, they should be able to get a factory job or something. You know, many of the factories are moved to Mexico and there are not there and I really want to help the people that want to have a good life, have a good job. Right now many people have to have two jobs, sometimes three jobs, just to make it. You know, the standard of living is not as it should be. So, you know, all the different things on everyone's mind, healthcare, all different the things, we need a person that's going to fight for the everyday common folk. That's why I'm running.

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    Sputnik: John, you also supported the America First agenda pushed by President Donald Trump including his recent tax cuts. Who benefits from this policy the most?

    John Elleson: Well, I think that the tax cuts, you know I really think that the Democrats have lied a little bit about this. They said it goes for the rich people, only the rich people. That's not true. The average person got a tax cut. You know, they always say that it's the rich are getting richer. Well, that's not true. The middle class hasn't had a tax cut for a long time. This latest tax policy, everyone benefits [from it] and it worked. The Congress just made it permanent, the tax cuts for the middle class. So, I think that there was a good thing. I am for the America First policy. Actually, I am a pastor, I am for everybody, I am for everyone around the world.    


    The views and opinions expressed by the speaker do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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