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    US Nuclear Build-Up is Irresponsible Move in Wrong Direction – Analyst

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    A Congressional Budget Office report claims that the modernization of the US nuclear arsenal will cost Washington at least $1.2 trillion in the coming 30 years. Speaking to Sputnik, Harvey Wasserman, co-founder of the global grassroots movement No Nukes, specifically warned against boosting nuclear capabilities.

    Sputnik: What was the ultimate aim of this nuclear build-up? Is it purely for self-defense or deterrence or could there be some agenda behind it?

    Wasserman: We see a collapse of the global nuclear power industry as many countries, including China, India and Japan after Fukushima [nuclear disaster] make a major transition by switching to renewable energy.

    We should be getting out of the mistakes of the atomic industry, used both for power and weapons. We should get into an era of renewable energy and peace.

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    Unfortunately, the US Administration in Washington has no grip on reality and the survival of human race. Their very narrow economic interests have nothing to do with security and have to be stopped. Our survival depends on it.

    Sputnik: Does Washington use double standards when it is condemns Pyongyang's nuclear build-up while increasing its own nuclear capabilities?

    Wasserman: There is absolutely no security-related justification for Pyongyang having nuclear weapons and Washington possessing such arms.

    Sputnik: What do you think of some analysts' views that the nuclear build-up will help the US become guarantors of the world's deterrence?

    Wasserman: It has nothing to do with national security or anybody's security.

    It is a completely irresponsible and unjustified move in the wrong direction. With nuclear power in our possession, we have no future on the Earth.


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