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    A woman lights a candle during a vigil for refugees in Nottingham, Britain, September 7, 2015

    Soros and Co. Harboring New 'Color Revolution'… This Time in Europe

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    Europe will soon be destabilized just like the Middle East due to "George Soros and Co.'s" social-engineering efforts, independent Poland-based journalist and publicist Konrad Stachnio claims.

    What does the future have in store for Europe? Fires, riots, toppled governments and total destabilization — more or less as has happened recently in Ukraine, independent Poland-based journalist and publicist Konrad Stachnio predicts.

    "Every time I see the old, good George Soros saying something about democracy and European values, I know that something is going to happen. This is the case in Ukraine, when George argued that democracy is the most important thing and when he says that European values are most important and that is why we must accept million refugees every year. How will it end? Probably as usual: fires, riots, overthrowing governments and total destabilization in Europe, more or less as it ended up recently in Ukraine," Stachnio emphasized in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

    Europe has been caught in a trap of 'European values' and liberal democracy. EU member states are unable to resist the flow of migrants from the Middle East since it would mean a "rejection of the values on which the European Union was built and rights which should govern it," the journalist noted quoting infamous liberal billionaire George Soros.

    But "is the pillar of Europe also the mindless acceptance of everything and everyone, regardless of the real threat coming from Islamic fundamentalists coming to Europe from ISIL?" the journalist asked.

    Stachnio pointed to a new disturbing trend emerging in Europe: people with a negative attitude to the refugee crisis and migration are being censured on social networks, particularly Facebook. Furthermore, there is evidence that some of those who vocally opposed immigration were arrested, while others are monitored via various 'foundations' and even fired from work for their anti-immigration remarks on Facebook.

    Alas, there is a possibility that the "cake" proposed by "Soros and Co." is poisoned with Islamic fundamentalists hidden in it, Stachnio warned. The journalist pointed to the fact that the EU has virtually no means of distinguishing ISIL fighters from refugees.

    "Today [the Islamic State] is able to forge any currency, and also any passport meaning those who have documents are not necessarily those who are in these documents. Moreover, many of these so-called refugees have wiped off their fingerprints. So how do you determine the true identity of the people that come to Europe? In addition, all databases in Iraq and most of the provinces and territories of Syria were in the hands of IS," Stachnio stressed, citing investigative journalist Witold Gadowski.

    It is not a question of whether to help Syrian asylum seekers or not, the Polish journalist noted, adding that every thinking person knows that it is necessary to help those in need.

    But what is currently going on in Europe is not about helping refugees: we are facing a social-engineering project that will inevitably lead to a new 'color revolution' in Europe, he highlighted.

    "When trained, equipped with weapons and well-organized Islamic terrorists will come to Europe, Europe will be completely helpless. There will be riots, disputes, murders and demonstrations, that is, the so-called 'color revolution' on a European scale. In a word, a repeat of Ukraine," Stachnio noted.

    Stachnio referred to prominent French politician and author Jacques Attali, an adviser to the United Nations and founder and first President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London from 1991 to 1993, who depicted a prospective history of the planet in the next 50 years in his book "A Brief History of the Future" (2006).

    Attali envisages the eventual dissolution of nation-states in favor of a global market dubbed the "hyperempire." The entire planet would be ruled by the class of "hypernomads" which would rely in their turn on "virtual nomads" — technicians, scientists, engineers, managers. Other people, named "infranomads," would live in complete misery. According to Attali, humanity would experience a wave of planetary wars which will change the face of the globe tremendously. Those who survive the disaster will live in a "hyperdemocratic" universe with collective intelligence and wise world government.

    Curiously enough, the gloomy picture, drawn by Attali, and the refugee crisis which is threatening to engulf Europe have much in common.

    "Coincidence? I do not think so," Stachnio remarked, "It seems that Europe will soon be destabilized à la the Middle East."

    The bold social engineering experiment supported by Soros and Co. will result in the increased vulnerability of Europeans in relation to aggressive Islam and more conflicts. Eventually, Europeans will agree "on every top-down despotism," Stachnio underscored, adding that he hopes that his analysis in this case will be incorrect.


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      See the history of terrorism. Begin with Mujaheedin. Who created it, funded it, trained and armed it.. ANYTHING you want , if it's to kill Russians, and take their lands away. EVERY boy and woman , is raised HATING Russia since babies. Movies hate Russian. Even a show on tube, that is like special forces teams. navy Seals say, "anyone can win, except Russians. "..they ALL HATE RUSSIA. With passion. is a cultural thing . Fueled by education.
      Time Russia learn the truth. Just forget them. and learn to live away. EEU, CIS, SCO, BRICS. Expand.. No break , nor talks.
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      The greatest act of state terrorism in recent history was the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US Empire at the close of WWII. Since the war was all but over the best explanation so far as to why the Anglo-Zionists did it was as a shot across the bow of their next intended victim, the Soviet Union.

      Let us all pray God's protection on Russia.
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      erik.volkin reply togmpratt(Show commentHide comment)
      Agree with most u wrote. But don't forget Vietnam (more than 80 million litres of acid orange, i.e. the most toxic dioxine poison) sprayed over the country in couple of years (plus the rest), Laos (in couple of years USA dropped more bombs on Laos than on the whole European theater during the II. WW), Cambodia, Guatemala, Philipines, etc., etc... Of course, the usual culprit - the terrorist states of the cahmpions of human rights and democracy. How pervert.
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      Neil McGowan
      Actually there are no more colours left unused - except for unfashionable colours.

      Yellow has been reserved for China for many years now. With that exception, the only colours left are beige, taupe, duck-egg blue, and brown. No-one wants those revolutions.
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      Neil McGowanin reply togmpratt(Show commentHide comment)
      gmpratt, Japan had already surrendered to the Red Army in Manchuria, which took the surrender of the C-i-C of the Japanese Imperial Army. America dropped the bomb because it realised it had lost influence and power in the East, and needed an urgent reversal.
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      For me - the financial gangster $oro$ is one of the ''evil's lieutenant'' on this earth...

      I read in Romanian this art
      19:00 - George Soros, acuzat de Ungaria ca sprijina financiar imigratia ilegala (it can be found also in Hungarian / Magyar language on Inet)

      and this art

      with a comment from a reader JoelleC Sep 20, 2015

      ''Sky, will you do some real investigating and show people that this mass invasion of Europe is being fuelled by the Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros? A person followed the trail back from these booklets through the companies and donors listed and it led right to his Left wing organisation, the Open Society Foundations. Soros is paying for a lot of this mass migration from Africa and Asia into Europe and our Governments must do something to stop him.''
    • Led by his henchman and taqqiya jew Ken Roth as chairman of HRW - a soros funded front.
    • in reply togmpratt(Show commentHide comment)
      gmpratt, Amen
    • in reply toNeil McGowan(Show commentHide comment)
      Neil McGowan, No it was the oppenheimers who took the opportunity to con the dumb US wasp goyim and to test the weapon on the goyim gooks. The bastards even carried out a second strike to test how a different plutonium type bomb would compare, the devils even chose two similar cities !! But does Yukia Amano know?
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      ...a triumvirate of Soros and the Koch brothers you could add in Sheldon Adelson and Murdoch, Jacob David & Evelyn Rothschild etc. their last line of defence are the covert services of the West
      In general Like Hitler they would rather die than stand trial for their crimes. Everything they do is to buy time and die of old age. They always totally relied on themselves, my view is that as they fall really nothing and no one can save the worst of them
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