21:53 GMT29 March 2020
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    The United States, the world's big bully, should be isolated by its allies, otherwise it will lure the globe into a large-scale confrontation, deems an investigative historian.

    Ekaterina Blinova — The United States, the world's biggest bully, which installed an outright Nazi regime in Kiev and supported ethnic cleansing in eastern Ukraine, should be abandoned by its allies, otherwise it will lure the globe into a large-scale conflict, warned Eric Zuesse.

    Commenting on a statement made by Robert Scales, a retired US major general and a Fox News military analyst, who said that the only way for the US to turn the tide in Ukraine is to start killing Russians, Eric Zuesse, an author and investigative historian, expressed his deep concerns about the imminent threat posed by the US's warmongering.

    "The Fox commentator simply cannot fathom that when the Ukrainian Government started bombing the cities and villages in the region of Ukraine that rejected the coup-government — the Donbas region — many of its men took up arms and became unwilling soldiers in order to protect their families, friends, and towns and villages, against the bombers and the other invaders. The Donbas defenders are not Russian soldiers," Eric Zuesse emphasized.

    The author underscored that to "Kill Russians" was actually what Kiev's regime had been installed in order to do by Washington. Immediately after the coup of February 2014 the Ukrainian junta started to demonize ethnic Russians in Ukraine. Then Kiev began to kill them, bombing Russian-speaking residents of the eastern regions of Ukraine, the author noted, qualifying Kiev's "anti-terror operation" as ethnic cleansing.

    Eric Zuesse emphasized that the ultimate goal of Washington was to place nuclear missiles in Ukraine, right on Russia's border, and that was the real reason behind the February coup.

    "Communism is over. The only reason for what Obama is doing in Ukraine is conquest. It's raw; it is fascist, but in pretty words," the author stressed.
    Since the collapse of the Soviet Union US leadership has been working to encircle Russia and expand NATO towards its borders. Eric Zuesse pointed out that Washington's actions in Ukraine prompted the Russian President to respond.

    Interestingly enough, it was Russia, who was punished for its response and not the United States, who installed an outright Nazi government in Kiev and actually approved ethnic cleansing in eastern Ukraine.

    "America won't need to apologize; tyrannical regimes don't do that. What's needed instead is for the tyranny to stop, and only Europe and Japan possess the ability to get this country to do that," the investigative historian insisted.

    The author noted that according to Gallup's international poll, conducted in 2014, the United States was recognized as "the greatest threat to peace in the world today," while Russia was not mentioned even among top seven nations listed in the poll.

    However, many of the EU leaders "don't have the stomach" for illegal and inhuman actions supported by Washington in Ukraine, particularly the coup and genocide of Russian-speakers in Donbas. So far, there are voices in the EU strongly opposing the US's stance.

    "The world's big bully on the block needs to become isolated; he needs to lose his gang. That's what needs to happen, now," Eric Zuesse concluded.

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