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    Political Forces in Sudan Want to Establish Parliamentary Republic - Opposition

    CC BY-SA 2.0 / Juri Knauth / Khartoum
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    DOHA (Sputnik) - Political forces in Sudan are planning to establish a parliamentary republic with expanded powers of the government and parliament for a transitional period, a spokesman for the opposition Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change, Satia Alhaj, said on Friday.

    "Since it is expected that Sudan will be a parliamentary republic, the powers of the government and the parliamentary control will be expanded", Alhaj, who participated in a seminar on the future of Sudan in Qatar, said.    

    Alhaj also said that talks between Sudan's Transitional Military Council and opposition movement Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change on the makeup of the future sovereign council for governing the country were not suspended but stopped.

    "Talks with the military council were not suspended but stopped", he said.    

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    Alhaj added that Sudan could hold a vote to elect members of the council that would govern the country during the three-year transitional period if the opposition and the Sudanese Transitional Military Council fail to reach an agreement.    

    "We have not yet reached agreement with the military [on the membership of the council] but we are full of optimism. Perhaps, there will be a vote. Both sides want democratic changes in the country and a civilian government", Alhaj said.    

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    He added that the opposition alliance is capable of making Sudanese people's wishes come true, as it is supported by at least 8 million people in the country.    

    On 15 May, the TMC and the opposition agreed on a three-year transitional period. Sudan experienced a military coup on 11 April following four months of anti-government protests. President Omar Bashir, who had been in power for 30 years, was overthrown and then imprisoned. The TMC came to power and pledged to hold a new election within two years. However, the opposition did not approve of this plan and called on the TMC to immediately hand over power to civilian structures.    


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