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Video Game About Treating Hitler's 'Psych Trauma' Slammed by Holocaust Expert

Hitler, colored portrait (1920's) - Sputnik International, 1920, 27.07.2021
The game’s description on Steam insists that the author of "Heal Hitler" is not a Nazi apologist, and that Hitler "was human too, just like you".
A new indie video game that tasks the player with shrinking the evil head of WWII Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler has elicited outrage over its alleged trivialisation of the Holocaust, the Daily Mail reports.
In the game – whose title, "Heal Hitler" is an apparent pun on the infamous Nazi salute - the player takes on the role of a psychologist in 1925 who has to diagnose their new client, Adolf Hitler, before the latter rises to power.
"Resolve Hitler's trauma and prevent catastrophe via therapy and psychology," the game’s description on Steam says. "Succeed and avoid the war and holocaust."
Holocaust expert Daniel Kennedy, however, has insisted that "Heal Hitler" is in "incredibly bad taste" and that it trivialises the murder of six million Jews, according to the newspaper.
"The entire premise of the game is in such incredibly bad taste I can only assume it was deliberately designed to cause offence," he said. "I'm guessing they were hoping to sell a few copies based on shock value alone."
Poland Auschwitz Anniversary - Sputnik International, 1920, 16.07.2021
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The game’s description further states that the product’s sole developer is not a "Nazi apologist", and insists that Hitler "was human too, just like you."
"In order to develop your Shadow, you need to realise and admit that given the right life circumstances, you could become someone like Hitler too," the description warns. "You are both good and evil. And if we don't admit that someone like Hitler could come again, we are doomed to repeat history."
Earlier, a mobile gaming app that allows users to "judge" prominent historical figures, including Hitler, evoked backlash from Jewish groups in Australia.
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