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'You Aren't Brad Pitt Yourself': Piers Morgan Blasted for Comparing PM Johnson to Scarecrow

© AP Photo / Vianney Le CaerBritish journalist Piers Morgan (File)
British journalist Piers Morgan (File) - Sputnik International
The 55-year-old journalist and TV presenter, known for his blunt remarks, has been very critical of the PM since Johnson refused to fire his key aide Dominic Cummings for violating government lockdown rules. Morgan claimed the prime minister's failed to contain the coronavirus outbreak due to his negligence and reckless complacency.

TV presenter Piers Morgan has been heavily criticised for comparing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to a scarecrow. Commenting on the prime minister’s address to the nation in which he urged people protesting against racism to demonstrate peacefully, the host of Good Morning Britain slammed Johnon's hairstyle, which he claims was "disrespectful".

"What is going on with the prime minister's hair? I know it may seem trivial, but the rest of us, our wives, our partners, people we're with bothered to get the scissors out and give us a trim. I was told by sources close to the prime minister last night that he hasn't seen a barber since early March", Morgan said, adding that Boris Johnson looks like Worzel Gummidge, a talking scarecrow. The latter is a character from a British children’s book.

"You wouldn't see any other world leader just come out like Worzel Gummidge. They bother to brush their hair. I actually think appearances matter when you’re a world leader", he said.

This statement drew anger from viewers and social media users who accused the presenter of being a hypocrite and a bully.

​Others questioned whether appearance mattered in politics and praised the PM's hairstyle.

​​Many social media users noted the presenter can't criticise people’s appearance unless he himself looks like Hollywood star and heartthrob Brad Pitt.

​Others noted that Morgan would have criticised Boris Johnson even if he had had his hair cut.

​Some users agreed that Johnson’s hairstyle isn't appropriate for a politician.

Piers Morgan has been very critical of the prime minister since Johnson backed his key aide Dominic Cummings, who violated lockdown rules by driving to his parent’s house with a wife who had coronavirus symptoms. The official justified his 260 mile trip from London to Durham saying he was worried about his child, who would have been left alone if he and his wife got sick.

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The news sparked outrage among the pubic and politicians who demanded that Cummings resign. The official himself denied wrongdoing and said he doesn’t regret taking the 260-mile trip amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 40,000 people in the United Kingdom. "Boris Johnson is done", said Morgan after the PM called the aide’s actions responsible. The journalist said Johnson’s support for a "hypocrite" shows the double standard where there is one rule for authorities and another one "for the plebs".


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