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Video of Mysterious Objects in Antarctica Sparks Talk of UFOs & 'Epstein's Escape Plane' Online

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Space ship Antarctica - Sputnik International
Suggestions offered by the online crowd about the possible origins of the objects featured in the video ranged from natural phenomena to crashed alien craft.

A peculiar discovery was recently made by an inquisitive social media user who, while browsing Google Earth, stumbled upon what looks like a massive object of unclear origin amid the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

Commenting on his find in a video, the authenticity of which couldn't be immediately verified, YouTuber “MrMBB333” noted that the object appears to measure 277 feet across and about 260 feet tall, “whatever this may be”.

Examining the object from different angles, the YouTuber speculated that it looks “intelligently designed” to him, and that the object really looks “out of place”.

He also pointed at another strange phenomena he spotted near the first find, noting some object that appears to be “floating” in the shadow cast by a wall of ice overlooking a “rocky embankment”, and “reflecting light” to boot.

The YouTuber's findings triggered an animated discussion in the comment section of the video detailing his findings, with some netizens bringing forth conspiracy theories.

“There's something weird going on down there. There's a reason why the world's Government has made Antarctica off limits and only certain people can go to certain areas for Scientific research“, a social media user called “Yogi Demis” wrote. “The rest is off limits. Interesting finds on Google Earth people have found. I wouldn't be surprised when Google updates Google Earth it will not be there.”

One netizen remarked that “a lot of strange things going on in Antarctica”, mentioning “crashed UFOs” and “holes to middle earth”, while another quipped that “it’s Jeffery Epstein’s escape plane for after he didn’t kill himself”.

And yet another person offered a more down-to-earth explanation for at least one of the objects depicted in the video.

“The floating thing looks like a corner of a shelf that sticks out in the snow and only the tip of the shelf is in the sunlight thus appearing to be floating but if you look closely it is a long shelf that is 1/4 of the way down the ice cliff”, wrote “Vgtyhb Cghsdet”.
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