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Meme Flood as Comedian Jim Davidson Blasts London Mayor for 'F***ing up' His Hometown

© REUTERS / Neil HallMayor of London Sadiq Khan (File)
Mayor of London Sadiq Khan (File) - Sputnik International
While many opted to laugh the news off, suggesting that Sadiq Khans are urgently needed all across Britain in order to keep Jim Davidson at a safe distance, some admitted that the UK capital is now, sadly, unrecognisable and that the Tory supporter is absolutely right in his judgment.

British comedian Jim Davidson has taken to Twitter to unleash his rage over his native city, London, being shattered by a real wave of knife crime, with at least 56 murders having been registered in the UK capital this year. He thus directed his fury at Mayor Sadiq Khan, blasting him for “f***ing up” his hometown and warning that he would never return to the place again.

However, the foul-mouthed rant provoked a sharp backlash, with Twitterians referring to the comedian as “racist”, prompting him to further defend his choice of words.

Davidson, who was born in Kidbrooke, South East London, butted in, noting that his tweet about the capital was simply referring to “the congestion and traffic” building up in areas where he had lived as a little boy.

“To all you twitter moaners re my coment [sic] on my home town”, the Conservative supporter, who now lives in Stockbridge, Hants, wrote, lashing out at “lefties” who commented his post:

“It is purely the congestion and traffic I cannot bare but all you lefties can still call me racsist [sic] if if [sic] gets you off Charlton?”

However the public thundered back, saying that his exile from the capital cannot be treated in any other way but as “good news”.

“Good. F*** the hell off. You made life in the playground utter hell for a generation of Black kids, myself included, in the late 70s and 80s”, one Twitterian wrote in the comment section, with another exclaiming with apparent relief:

“Awesome news for London!! Mind taking some of your mates with you?”

Many weighed in, remarking that London being free from Davidson is the mayor’s “biggest achievement”, with one even assuming that it could earn Sadiq Khan a second term:

But there were many others who stood up in the comedian’s defence, arguing that he had not voiced an allegation, but the “complete truth”:

Memes and hilarious gifs on the topic likewise arrived in abundance:

Shortly before Davidson’s remarks, a teenager was shot dead in a London car park at around tea time, just minutes after another teen was knifed to death in another district. London’s Mayor Khan has since been called to task, with Londoners demanding that he finally deal with the stabbing crimes and make the capital a safe area.

Davidson earlier stirred controversy after he labelled a group of climate activists “horrid people” in a burst of fury as their 100-banner protest brought traffic in central London to a standstill, leading to him running late.

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