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'Want Some S**t, Want No S**t': Twitter Users Explain Their Weirdest Nicknames

Almost any Twitter user whose posts have trended at some point perhaps took notice of the truly bizarre nicknames in notifications, which most typically sound like the following: “[unusual nickname] now follows you/has retweeted your tweet/likes your tweet.”

A user with a no less strange, rhyming name “Lana Ipecacuanha” has decided to set up a poll, asking the Russian Twitterati community what made them pick their outlandish nicknames. Many confirmed they were deriving inspiration from everyday events and happenings or an experience they have had: one user, having moved around for a year in a wheelchair due to a fracture in both legs, opted for the nickname “I can run,” whereas another person, having recovered from a similar trauma, billed herself “titan wombat,” referring to the solid implants in her bones.

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Interestingly, one Twitter user with the suggestive nickname “me 2.0” (metwodotzero) apparently alludes to the headline-making international movement, but with certain reservations: he has publicly embarked on a self-improvement project, saying no to bad habits overall.

“Burring Belarussian with a poor sense of humor ” already provides an exhaustive portrayal of the person under this nickname, whereas “Romka the skyscraper” should be understood conversely, as it ironically refers to a 1.68-meter-tall guy, who says his colleagues went still further, calling him “Burj Khalifa.”

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 “Warthog is shouting” – this one has to do with the respective animal, which is described in reference books as sleeping, or searching for food and…shouting the rest of the time.  The lady that bears the nickname says the latter most accurately describes what her life boils down to. 

“Want some s**t, want no s**t”: this user says she is moody to a fault, adding her mood is much like a rollercoaster, which sends a tiny car up and down.

A Twitterian nicknamed “Along with you, I like” states that he is keen on giving likes, hoping to be referred to in other people’s notifications, whereas this one, "Fanciful sound triangles" derived inspipration from a hilarious picture:

Most nicknames tend to be understood literally: “design and home-distilled vodka,” for instance. This Twitter enthusiast, who has been active on the social network since 2012, opted to portray his life in a nutshell. “I work as a designer (always), and I drink vodka (sometimes),” he told “Lana Ipecacuanha.”

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Self-criticism and a bid to come up with something verbally catchy are no less common, as it turns out. For instance, “Boiled Ear” is no more than a creative metaphor, authored by the user, for traditional Eastern Slavic “pelmeni.” “I really love pelmeni,” the user summed up.

“Nextgen and Enforcement,” meanwhile, laconically, but with self-sarcasm: “I am a degenerate, pure and simple.”

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