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Holy Helmet! This Silent Gadget Can Literally Read Your Thoughts (VIDEO)

© CatopsysA new device aims to make virtual reality more social by projecting the artificial atop the real.
A new device aims to make virtual reality more social by projecting the artificial atop the real. - Sputnik International
AlterEgo can’t literally read your thoughts, but it can read your facial expressions and provide reliable data on what you're thinking about.

Researchers from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed something groundbreaking indeed as they have rolled out a headset capable of identifying words you think but don’t really say. The technology implies capturing neuromuscular signals that occur when people prepare to talk and try to find appropriate words, although it may take just a split second.

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Where do you think such a device could come in handy? Almost in any walk of life. 

Since the researchers underscore that the system can read facial signals with a whopping 92 percent accuracy, this may allow one to control a computer or a robot by thought. More specifically, AlterEgo, which is a headset worn on one ear with a mouthpiece from the jaw to below the lip, could be used for purposes ranging from controlling home appliances and virtual- and augmented-reality systems, to ordering an Uber ride, or even setting up a business meeting.

In this demo video, for instance, an AlterEgo wearer experiments with a smart TV, asking Google the time and calculating expenses while moving:

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