The Game of Thrones Ice Wall Appears on Russia-China Border (VIDEO)

The characters of the popular TV-show were thrilled to learn what was beyond the Wall, and probably even Russia and China are wondering whether they will meet the White Walkers.

A 20-metre high wall of ice and snow has emerged on Khanka Lake in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang near, the border with Russia. According to the reports, it has appeared due to strong winds, which have blown monstrously large chunks of ice together on the eastern side of the lake.

“It looks like the Great Wall [of China] of Ice,” said an amateur photographer, who travelled there to see the unusual phenomenon.

Xu Zhong, head of the local meteorological station, explained that this is a rare occasion, which may be observed when low temperatures combine with strong winds and water flows under the lake’s surface.

The whole world has noticed its similarity to The Wall from top HBO TV-show Game of Thrones, which stretches 300 miles and is 700 feet tall, protecting the Seven Kingdoms from the White Walkers.

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