US B-2 Stealth Bombers Arrive in UK for ‘Deterrence Operations’

Two US B-2 stealth bombers have arrived to the United Kingdom.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The US Air Force deployed two of its B-2 stealth bombers to the United Kingdom, the US European Command said in a press release on Friday.

"B-2 Spirit Bombers from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, deployed to Royal Air Force Fairford, UK, to participate in recurring bomber assurance and deterrence operations," the release stated.

The bombers will not support the ongoing BALTOPS or Saber Strike exercises, European Command added.

The release noted that it is the first time all three B-2 bombers are in Europe at the same time.

In a separate statement, the US Air Force explained the B-2s will join three B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers deployed on June 1, as well as three supersonic B-1 Lancers currently deployed to the Royal Air Force base in Fairfield.

European Command did not detail the nature of the B-2 bombers’ mission, but said they "are representative of the US commitment to our allies and enhancing regional security."

The B-2 Spirit is a multi-role bomber capable of firing both conventional and nuclear munitions. Its stealth characteristics make it difficult to detect with conventional infrared, acoustic, electromagnetic, visual and radar systems, according to the Air Force. The aircraft can fly approximately 6,000 nautical miles (9,600 kilometers) without refueling.

First launched in 1989, the bomber played a major role in US Operation Allied Force when it destroyed 33 percent of all Serbian targets in eight weeks.

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