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Captured Daesh Commander Reveals How ‘Turkey Actively Helped Militants’

© AFP 2021 / MARWAN IBRAHIMSmoke rises in the distance behind an Islamic State (IS) group flag and banner
Smoke rises in the distance behind an Islamic State (IS) group flag and banner - Sputnik International
Kerim Amara is one of the militant commanders of Daesh (Islamic State) who was taken prisoner by Kurdish forces in Syria. A correspondent from Sputnik Turkiye was able to secure an exclusive interview with the militant.

A 31-year-old citizen of Tunisia, Kerim Amara, until recently was a commander in the ranks of Daesh. He joined the jihadists in 2013 and was captured by Kurdish forces in 2015.

Turkish soldiers attend an army parade marking the 38th anniversary of the Turkish military invasion of Cyprus. File photo. - Sputnik International
With Friends Like These: Members of Turkish Military Conspire With Daesh
“After the revolution in Tunisia, many young people were engaged with Islamist organizations which gave basic training of radical Islam and jihad. I also took such a course. On the advice of a friend I made contact with Daesh. I went to Libya from Tunisia and from there by plane I reached Turkey. After that I illegally crossed the Turkish border in Hatay and got into Syrian territory,” Amara said in an interview.

After fighting on the side of Daesh for a year in Ramadi, Amara was send to Aleppo where he fought against the Free Syrian Army for more than two months. Later on he was sent to Kobani where he was eventually captured by Kurdish forces.

Recalling his time as a commander of Daesh, Amara said that Turkey helped the militants to find new members for the group. “In all time that I was in the ranks of Daesh, I never heard that the Turkish military had hampered the process of accession of new members in the ranks of the group. On the contrary, we were always told that Turkey praises Daesh and actively helps it,” Amara told Sputnik Turkiye in an exclusive interview.

© Sputnik / Hikmet DurgunCaptured Daesh fighter Kerim Amara
Captured Daesh fighter Kerim Amara - Sputnik International
Captured Daesh fighter Kerim Amara

Kerim Amara shared important information regarding the release of 49 employees of the Turkish consulate in Mosul, who were held captive for 101 days by the Daesh militants.

In the summer of 2015, when there was a crisis with the Turkish consulate in Mosul, the Turkish media reported that 49 hostages were exchanged for 180 members of Daesh, who at that time were in Turkish prisons. At that time the Turkish leadership did not officially deny this information.

Kerim said that he was personally involved in the process of transfer and exchange of the 49 employees of the Turkish embassy, because at that time he was in Iraq. “We gave Turkey the Mosul consulate workers, and Turkey in turn gave us our people. The operation was organized by the secret services.”

According to Amara, Daesh sold oil to Turkey and Iraq and in return received food from Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

“During the clashes in Kobani our commander often visited Turkey. From there he brought food and other necessities. Some Daesh commanders were of Turkish origin,” Amara noted.

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