Shocking Video: Undercover Cop Beats Teenager, Threatens Witnesses With Gun

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A Louisiana high school student was beaten up so badly by a cop that the local police department took the highly unusual step of telling the teenager’s family to please go ahead and file a complaint.

It all happened last Friday night when 17-year-old Brady Becker was with some friends at the mall in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie.

Apparently some words were exchanged with a group of Jefferson Parish Sheriff deputies, and several of the teens took off, but Becker was grabbed by a deputy, thrown to the ground and beaten up.

The whole thing was captured on video and it shows the deputy holding Becker by the throat with one arm and using the other arm to hold the teen down on the ground. Becker’s hand went up to defend himself, and the deputy punches him at least four times in the face.

Onlookers approached the officer but he grabbed his gun and uses an expletive to tell everyone to back off, yelling “back the f**k up!”  

Becker is nearly unconscious when he is picked up off the ground and taken away. He is charged with possession of alcohol by a minor, battery of a police officer, resisting arresting and inciting a riot.

The video was uploaded to YouTube a couple of days after the incident and after seeing the video a Jefferson County Sheriff Department spokesman said, “We spoke to the family’s attorney and encourage them to file a complaint with the department, and it will be investigated fully.”


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