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Indians Share Unforgettable Experience of FIFA World Cup in Russia (PHOTOS)

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Many Indians have chronicled their experiences of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia, and their testimonies comprise not only the thrill of watching football games live but also the hospitality that made their visit to Russia the trip of a lifetime.

New Delhi (Sputnik) – Indians, who are ranked among the top 10 nationalities to visit Russia this season to witness the FIFA 2018 World Cup, are exuding the utmost joy for being able to attend the football tournament hosted by Russia. And they all seem to be overwhelmed by the warmth of the host country. 

Rohit Saxena, along with his 11-year-old son Vir Saxena, was in Russia from 24 to June 27. They said they were able to get hassle-free entry into the country without a visa, courtesy of the Fan IDs that were sent to them in advance. Rohit said that the passport control offices at Sheremetyevo Airport had clear and separate areas for FIFA fans to proceed without any problems and they were able to quickly travel to the heart of the city, free of charge, using Aeroexpress. 

Rohit Saxena & Vir Saxena in Moscow
© Photo : Rohit Saxena
Rohit Saxena & Vir Saxena in Moscow

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"It appears that considerable efforts have gone into organizing the FIFA World Cup to provide entertainment and convenience to the visitors who have come to Russia to watch the global event. From the point of entry at the airport (free visa) to travel between cities to the management at the stadiums — everything was aimed at ensuring a great time for visiting fans," Rohit told Sputnik.

Rohit Saxena
© Photo : Vir Saxena
Vir Saxena

"Most importantly, I think what stood out was the amazing local residents. At times, when we were at a metro station or out on the street browsing through our maps to figure out which way to go — a stranger would just come over and politely ask if we needed help," Rohit adds.

Clifin Francis, another happy Indian traveler, who cycled to Russia to watch the World Cup, said, "With each moment passing, I am feeling increasingly delighted. I am at loss of words to fully express what I have accomplished. I am having some good times in Russia." 

Clifin said that he had found some good hosts in Russia with whom he stayed. "Valentine and Mariya, you caressed my forehead when I came in all rusty and sweaty to your cafe. You took me into your home when I asked for a place to rear my tent. The warm dinner, and the fresh strawberries and coffee you fed me at the first light. Money can't buy all these, I tried but failed," a Facebook post by Clifin reads.


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