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    WATCH Ivanka's Deadpan Reaction to Merkel Trashing Donald Trump

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    The German chancellor challenged Donald Trump on the contentious issues of auto tariffs, Iran's nuclear program and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, winning a standing ovation but not a flicker of emotion from US representatives.

    US First Daughter Ivanka Trump was caught on camera sitting stone-faced during Angela Merkel's speech as the German chancellor was telling her father off.

    Speaking at the Munich Security Conference over the weekend, Merkel expressed support for the Iranian nuclear deal and scolded Donald Trump for his stance on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and his withdrawal from the INF treaty with Russia.

    Another matter Merkel was at odds with Trump's 'America First' policy was his tariff policy and his threat to levy duties of up to 25 per cent on imported cars, including those made in Germany.

    "Apparently, the American secretary of trade says German cars are a threat to America's national security," the chancellor said. "We're proud of our automotive industry, and, I think we can be, we're proud of our cars. They are built in the United States of America. South Carolina is one of the largest… it's actually the largest BMW plant. Not in Bavaria. South Carolina is supplying China."

    "So, when these cars that, because they're built in South Carolina, are not becoming less threatening, rather than the ones that are built in Bavaria, are supposed to be a threat to the national security of America, it's a bit of a shock to us," she added, winning a standing ovation from the audience.

    Ivanka Trump, who serves as a senior adviser to the US president, was caught on camera staring blankly, her face deadpan, while everyone around her were applauding Merkel's rant.

    Commenters were quick to mock Ivanka for her apparent rejection of Merkel's speech.

    Others contended that Ivanka did not belong there in the first place…

    ​Why on earth did we pay to send that shoe saleswoman to represent the US for this. Why aren’t they all in jail yet?

    ​Ivanka has no business representing the United States in any capacity.

    …and her way of wearing the headset didn't go unnoticed as well.


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