17:43 GMT21 June 2021
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    Children, who have been frequent guests at the "Santa's Journey" exhibition in County Wicklow, Ireland, could have been left without magic Santa's deer in the lead up to the Christmas season.

    A friendly neighbor had extended a helping hand and donated one to replace the missing three Sika deer, which reportedly were taken away earlier this month by cruel poachers leaving a trail of blood, which stretched all the way from the pen to the road.

    The furious owner of the animals, who raised them from fawns, complained that neither the bright lights left on at nightfall, nor the big sign with the name of the exhibition stopped the "shoddy" people from committing such an evil deed, The Huffington Post wrote.

    The incident is being investigated; a bullet found near the scene may help nab the cruel perpetrators. 

    Meanwhile, the deer generously donated to the theme park by one of the residents is by all means taken home every night.

    The news could hardly leave anyone indifferent online, many expressing disgust and shame, claiming it is nothing but outrageous:

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