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    WikiLeaks' Greatest Hits: A Decade of Publishing Top-Secret Documents

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    After releasing more than 10 million documents over the past 10 years, online publishing site WikiLeaks has reflected on the past decade by releasing a "greatest hits" of 10 stories and revelations that have gained headlines around the world.

    With issues such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, trade deals and inter-governmental spying, the revelations have had far-reaching consequences.

    The Guantanamo Files

    Released in 2011, WikiLeaks, along with other independent news organizations, released more than 770 files relating to the treatment of and conditions faced by detainees at the US' Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

    The leaks found that American authorities had been involved in the systematic violation of Geneva conventions, along with the abuse of 800 prisoners, aged from as young as 14 to as old as 89.

    Iraq, Afghanistan War Logs

    These revelations about US military actions in both countries shocked many around the world and helped to identify the true number of civilian deaths associated with the conflict.

    It revealed the widespread abuse and torture of prisoners, carried out in full knowledge of coalition forces.

    Trafigura — Minton Report

    The publishing of the leaked Minton report in 2009 revealed how Dutch company Trafigura dumped toxic waste into the port of Abidjan in the Ivory Coast, affecting more than 100,000 people.

    While the company had taken an injunction out against media organizations from releasing the details, WikiLeaks defied this and published the details of the report.

    Apache Collateral Murder

    Perhaps the most graphic and shocking leak over the past decade came when WikiLeaks published a classified US military video showing a helicopter gunning down eighteen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad.

    ​Two Reuters journalists were among those killed in the attack.


    One of the largest leaks came through the release of more than 3 million diplomatic cables from 274 consulates and embassies over the period of 1966 to 2010.

    The cables gave an incredible insight into fifty years of US foreign policy and caused grave embarrassment for many political figures caught up in the leaks.

    The Syria Files

    While Syria is now locked in a deadly war, during 2006 and 2012, WikiLeaks was able to expose what life was like under Bashar al-Assad's Syrian government, releasing more than 2 million emails from close to 700 political figures.

    The Three 'Ts'

    The leaks lifted the lid somewhat on the super secretive negotiations behind the multinational trade deals — the TPP, TTIP and TiSA.

    ​The released chapters caused outrage among critics who fear the deals will wash away workers' rights, undermine governments and give unprecedented power to multinational organizations.

    The Spy Files

    These files revealed the inner workings of private intelligence firm Stratfor, which provides services for the US government, the US Marines and a number of large corporations.

    NSA v World Leaders

    Perhaps creating some of the biggest diplomatic disputes in recent times was the release of documents showing the US' National Security Agency (NSA), spying on numerous world leaders, including UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's meeting with the leaders of France, Italy and Israel to name a few.

    ​These leaks are thought to be the most highly classified documents ever published by WikiLeaks.

    The DNC Leaks

    With the US Presidential election just over a month away, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the recent publishing of more than 19,000 emails and 8,000 attachments from the top figures in the US Democratic National Party.

    The leaks showed how officials used a range of methods to favor established candidate Hillary Clinton over challenger Bernie Sanders, with WikiLeaks promising more documents that many fear could scupper Clinton presidential campaign in November.


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