17:50 GMT25 September 2020
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    Russia's newest ballistic missile is probably capable of piercing through the US missile defense system, according to military expert Alexander Perendzhiyev.

    Russia's newest ballistic missile is designed to tackle the US missile defense shield, military expert Alexander Perendzhiyev was quoted by the Russian news website riafan.ru as saying.

    His remarks came after the Russian newspaper Izvestia quoted the head of Russia's Academician V. P. Makeyev State Rocket Center as saying that the center is planning to develop Sarmat, a new heavy ballistic missile.

    Strategic nuclear submarine Boreas
    JSC PO Sevmash
    Strategic nuclear submarine Boreas

    "The new missile is to neutralize the potential of [the US's] future missile defense system. Moreover, the missile will be installed on submarines, namely, it is our response to [the US] sea-based missile defense systems Aegis," Perendzhiyev said.

    He touted the new missiles as cheap, high-precision weapons which he said will be capable of hitting targets at any distance.

    "I do not exclude that another class of [Russian] submarines will be created for these missiles in the future," he said.

    According to the newspaper Izvestia, the Sarmat missile could be sea-based and could come to replace the Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile, first deployed in 2013 on fourth-generation Borei-class submarines.

    Multirole Yasen K-560 Severodvinsk submarine by the pier of the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk
    © Sputnik / press-service of JSC "PO "Sevmas
    Multirole Yasen K-560 Severodvinsk submarine by the pier of the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk

    The new ballistic missiles could be used on the fifth-generation nuclear submarines (Husky-class) that are currently under development, the Izvestia reported.

    The Husky-class submarines are being developed as a successor to Russia's Yasen-class subs.

    The newspaper quoted Valery Polovinkin, advisor to the director general of the Rusisian Krylov State Scientific Center, as saying that these "will be the submarines made of multilayer composite materials."

    The construction of the Husky-class submarines is due to begin in 2030 at the earliest. In this vein, military expert Vadim Kozyulin told Izvestia that the submarines will become a response to the planned US upgrade of its nuclear force groups.

    "Given the Sarmat missile's advanced characteristics, it is safe to assume that during its development it will be necessary to consider an array of ever-increasing threats by 2030," he said.


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