10:44 GMT26 February 2021
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    An account on Twitter dedicated to a character of English folklore who robbed the rich in order to give their money to the poor previously had fewer than 400 followers. The owner of the account recently tweeted that it had exceeded the daily limit for new followers.

    Over 40,000 users have followed the @Robinhood account on Twitter, thinking they would learn how to trade stocks. The application has been used by a group of amateur investors on Reddit, who appear to have outsmarted Wall Street hedge funds. However, those who joined @Robinhood on Twitter didn’t know that the account is in fact dedicated to the legendary outlaw Robin Hood from Nottingham.

    ​Some users even asked for a piece of advice about which shares to buy.

    ​But received unpromising answers...

    ​Those who realised they had made a mistake started asking "the archer" for other tips.

    ​Some even quizzed him about his private life…

    ​Other users were happy that Nottingham was receiving due attention.

    ​The owner of the account then posted a statement saying that the page had exceeded Twitter’s limit. At the moment of writing, it has 45,500 followers.

    ​The community asked social media users for help to spread word about the famous folklore character.


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