02:00 GMT19 January 2021
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    What started in May 2009 and was a 57,000-tweet library of emotions, news, and what not, has officially been halted. Yet there is no way netizens will stop discussing Donald Trump's – and some of his international counterparts' - social media presence any time soon and for good reason.

    The internet is abuzz with talk – and certainly memes – about who else should be banned and why.

    The across-the-board brainstorming has led to a string of names being mentioned – from Iran's President Hassan Rouhani to former Malaysian PM Najib Razak sentenced to 12 years in jail for corruption and abuse of power.

    Both have been overly, as it has been claimed, outspoken on social media, with the latter, for instance, recently stirring up the public for saying Muslims "have the right to kill millions of French people" after a knife-wielding Islamist murdered three people in a church in Nice.

    Rouhani, for his part, is using Twitter to incite violence "against gays, against Israel, against women", wrote LB presenter Iain Dale, querying: "Shall I go on?", in response to a commentator in his thread.

    "Did President Rouhani just incite insurrection and at attack [sic] on the US Capitol as Trump has just done?", another asked, prompting Dale to reply with quite a bit of satire:

    "No, he just sanctions throwing gays off buildings and subjugating women. But hey, that's Ok then".

    Many more followed suit posting similar views, and bringing up Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega as other no less desirable picks for a Twitter ban:

    The world wide web also has some really hot takes on Trump's ban proper. Irrespective of what side of the aisle netizens are on, they are apparently able to have a decent laugh about these:

    "Oh no where will Robert Pattinson get dating advice now?", another queried referring to Donald Trump as the budding Twitterian who back in 2012 advised Pattinson "not to take back Kristen Stewart" because "she cheated on him like a dog".

    Someone else suggested he is now "furiously googling 'how to become a tik-tok teen'". Well, no one knows if president Trump might indeed have some readymade dance moves for the Chinese social network.

    Speculation is also running high about Trump's own social media website:

    ….and the question remains open which other known social networks will go back on the ban of the outgoing president.

    Li Yang, China's Consul General in Rio de Janeiro, has reserved some room for expected TikTok-related ostracism, tweeting:

    "Several months ago, Trump wanted to block TikTok, failed. Several months later, TikTok wanted to block Trump, succeeded!"

    Yet, the cherry on top is arguably POTUS' well-known impersonator John Di Domenico's effort – a video titled "Trump Twitter Meltdown with Melania Leaked Video", which he said is his "FASTING Growth YT video Ever" with over 82,000 views in 4 hours. Sit down comfortably and enjoy:

    Since Melania "turns him down", another option is perhaps to ask Barron, their teenaged son:



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