11:12 GMT27 January 2021
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    As hundreds of rioters stormed the grounds of the US Capitol on Wednesday, an even larger number of images documenting the events was shared on social media for swathes of viewers to soak up; however, one picture in particular, which shows a smiling man walking away with a lectern, caught the attention of many.

    As photos of rioters were uploaded onto the Getty Images media library and later reshared on social media with the attribution “Via Getty,” it seems many netizens mistook the courtesy image credit for the actual name of the photographed looter.

    The strange turn of events all started when Ryan Lizza, the chief Washington correspondent for Politico, shared the photo on his Twitter page with the caption, “Via Getty, one [of] the rioters steals a podium from the Capitol.”

    And just like that, Twitter was on fire.

    “What kind of name is Via Getty,” one Twitter user questioned, as another called for “Via Getty” to be arrested for participating in domestic terrorism.

    Another commenter wrote, “Via Getty look him up I bet he flunked out of high school and f**ks his sister! Via Getty that is his name let’s get this guy and serve justice.”

    The misunderstanding, however, proved to be quite the laugh for netizens who knew “Via Getty” was actually an image credit.

    Hilariously, one creative netizen opted to launch a Twitter “Via Getty” page, which has so far accumulated over 2,000 followers.

    Although Lizza did clarify that the individual was not named “Via Getty,” reports later emerged that the lectern-stealing rioter was a 36-year-old Florida man named Adam Johnson. 

    Citing an acquaintance of Johnson, the Bradenton Herald reported that the Florida resident hailed from the Sunshine State’s unincorporated community of Parrish in Manatee County. Johnson was not among the initial 13 arrests made at the Capitol grounds, but it is unclear if he was rounded up in the dozens of arrests that followed.

    Authorities have not yet officially identified the photographed individual.

    A joint investigation by the FBI, ATF, US Capitol Police and DC's Metropolitan Police Department is presently calling on the public to provide tips and video footage to identify rioters.


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