12:06 GMT30 November 2020
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    While some netizens seemed appalled by the character's behavior, others appeared to regard it as rather funny.

    A certain popular character of Disney+ show “The Mandalorian”, known as Baby Yoda, has recently become the focus of a backlash on social media, as quite a few of the series' viewers appeared less than amused by its actions in one of the latest episodes.

    What appears to have riled up the netizens involves Baby Yoda munching on eggs of a sentient amphibious female character whom the protagonist bounty hunter agreed to transport to "a swampy distant world so she can fertilize her canister of eggs", as Vanity Fair explains.

    This spectacle appeared to have unnerved some netizens, with words like "genocide" being brought up online as people discussed the issue.

    And a number of people seemed rather upset by Funko's promotion of their toy featuring Baby Yoda and the eggs.

    ​There were also those, however, who actually appeared to regard the situation depicted in the film as rather funny.

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