02:11 GMT08 August 2020
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    The ex-porn star, who previously warned people against joining the industry, appears to have received some unexpected allies. Countless K-popers are now ready to organise and help her, even if it means declaring war on Pornhub. What a time to be alive!

    K-pop fans are preparing to do battle with Pornhub and probably other porn sites to support former adult movie star, Mia Khalifa, as she shared her view on the dangers of the sex industry.

    Khalifa has trended on Twitter since revealing that she is a fan of the boy band GOT7 and sharing their images. The band's fans, also known as Ahgase, were simply thrilled to add one to their number, but then things took a bizarre twist.

    ​User @Omgitstamz called for Ahgase, as well as the "Army", (fans of BTS) to post fancams of the boy groups to porn sites, using the Mia Khalifa tag, and thus making adult content featuring her difficult to get. Many of the fans also shared their support for the actress.

    ​Some even started a petition to make porn sites take her videos down.

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